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    26 Beautiful Tattoos All Science Nerds Will Appreciate

    Art and science are perfect together.

    1. This incredible space tattoo.

    2. This wonderful piece of art.

    3. This really cool wormhole.

    4. This stunning molecular structure.

    5. This beautiful arm tattoo.

    6. This black and white beauty.

    7. This marvellous ATP molecule.

    8. This breathtaking arm tattoo.

    9. This beautiful DNA tree of life.

    10. This amazing animal cell.

    11. This stunning heart.

    12. This cute thigh tattoo.

    13. This incredible back anatomy tattoo.

    14. This wonderful design of a motor neuron.

    15. This creative design.

    16. This beautiful design of the solar system.

    17. This incredible Fibonacci spiral.

    Fibonacci spiral by @mikkibold Lyon / London / Brussels

    A photo posted by tattrx (@tattrx) on

    18. This creative design.

    19. This scientific stunner.

    Three hours of even more intense pain later #sciencetattoo

    20. This beautiful design of Nicolaus Copernicus.

    21. This cute design.

    22. This beautiful sleeve.

    We Tattoo (and science too): uma série de tatuagens inspiradas pela ciência. Veja todas>

    23. This incredible illustration.

    Love it: Scientific #Illustration #Tattoos! #science #scientific #tattoo #retro #art #kunst

    24. This amazing atom.

    25. This simple beauty.

    26. This beautiful, bold and colourful tattoo.

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