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24 Signs You're Addicted To Ice Cream

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream.

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1. You've Tried Every Single Flavour Known To Mankind.

G1z1b3 / Via

If its frozen, creamy and sweet, you've tried it.

2. You Never Get A Brain Freeze.

Know Your Meme / Via

Ain't nobody got time for that.

3. You Hoard Empty Ice Cream Tubs.

elinsomniomehacemierda / Via

Don't you want to see my collection?

4. If Its Limited Edition, You Need To Have The First Bite.

Gif-database / Via

Ermahgerd. Pass that Golden Gaytime tub.

5. When Its On Sale, You Buy Lots Of It.


6. When You're In Coles Or Woolies You Run Directly To The Frozen Aisle First.

Reactiongifs / Via

Suddenly you're running a marathon.

7. You Go Cray Cray When You Hear The Home Ice Cream Truck Ring Its Bell.

Aflakme / Via

*Happy dance*

8. You Immediately Cry After Missing The Home Ice Cream Truck.

Disney Pixars Inside Out / Via

Me: 0 Life: 1.

9. You Have A Foodgasm When It Melts In Your Mouth.

*~*Take me away*~*

10. You Have Painful Withdrawals.

Reactiongifs / Via

Don't talk to me unless you have ice cream.

11. On Your Birthday You Have An Ice Cream Cake.

Ourbeautifuldaylove / Via

Who wants a plain cake when you can have an ice cream one?

12. You Eat It During Winter.

SBNation / Via

Rain, hail or shine.

13. You Constantly Dream About It.

Biomorphosis / Via

Sweet dreams are made of these.

14. Your Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Is Ice Cream.

Reactiongifs / Via

Can't stop, won't stop.

15. You Unconsciously Open The Fridge To Stare At Your Ice Cream Collection.

Whatshouldyoucallme / Via

Theres no shame in treating your ice cream like its your most prized possession.

16. You Choose Which Flavour To Buy Like Its A Matter Of Life Or Death.

Peteneems / Via

So many choices, so little cash.

17. You Spend Everyday Looking At Ice Cream Pics.

Reactiongifs / Via

Cannot stop scrolling.

18. You Lick Your Bowl Clean.

Hasn't your mum ever told you to never ever waste ice cream?

19. You Have A Panic Attack When Theres No More Ice Cream In The House.

You-were-made-to-be-fangirls / Via

Its like the world has ended.

20. You Never Share Your Bounty.


Can you not?

21. When You're Sad, Ice Cream Is Your Saviour.

Artpopvenusguy / Via

Ice cream fills that hole in your heart.

22. When You Watch People Eat It, You Casually Imagine It In Your Mouth.

Littleanimalgifs / Via

23. You Love Smelling It.


Getting high on ice cream.

24. You Can Finish A Cone In A Minute And A Tub In One Sitting.

Littleanimalsgifs / Via




It makes the world a better place.

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