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9 Trick Or Treat Sweets That Are 100% Vegan For Halloween

Perhaps you have vegan child (adult or infant) and you want them to enjoy Halloween the vegan way. Or maybe you don't want to hand out crushed animal bones to unsuspecting neighborhood children. Or it could even be that you have a vegan friend attending your Halloween party and you don't want them to feel FOMO without treats. This is a list of all the vegan friendly treats you can pick up at any super market! Drag-free!

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Dairy Free Buttons

Free from buttons / Via Dairy free buttons

Most large supermarkets will have their own brand of these. They basically taste the same (pure sugar) as the regular ones - so why not go cruelty free?

Whats great about these is that they don't have 'vegan' written all over them. So the douche at your party; who has been trying to convince you that you're not getting enough protein as a vegan. wont realise he has been eating vegan sweets all evening. Muhahahhaha.

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