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19 Signs You Know You Are A College Orientation Leader

Long Days, Long Nights, Long Socks... Orientation

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1. You Know The Pain Of Walking Alone On Campus Before The Sun / Via DeviantART

2. Always Wearing Matching Uniforms With Your BFFL'S

3. That Feeling When You Have Outside Duty

Hope I don't die of heat stroke today

4. When Students Complain About Orientation Being Mandatory

We Wish It Was Shorter Too

5. Having Mastered That Fake Smile During Check In / Via Sharegif

Of course your daughters is actually called Gladyis, I can't believe I didn't get that from Rebecca.

6. When A Family Member Demands More Lunch Or They Will Transfer

#Sorry #TwoPerPerson

7. When A Student Says They Have To Leave Early For "An Important Reason"

We do this for you

We do this for you

8. When A Student Can't Register Because They Didn't Take Care Of Their Forms

You knew you had a hold and you ignored it

9. That Face You Make When ANOTHER PARENT Asks If They Can Go Into The Registration Lab With Their Student

Ummm.... No

10. When Literally Every Family Member Complains About The Temperature


11. When A Student Is Too Cool For School And They Try To Influence The Students Who Want To Be There

You do you hun

12. When You See Your Friends Going On Week Long Vacations

Dont rub it in

Dont rub it in

13. When you catch a student being ignorant

Its gonna get awkward, don't worry we feed off awkwardness

14. When Students Go To The Club Before Orientation

Still Gonna See You At 7:45

15. When People Say They Should Have Gone To School Somewhere Else

Do you really think were going to agree

16. Mastering The Art Of Eating In 10 Min Or Less

17. Stealing 5 Desserts Because They Are That Good

The Students don't need it, Freshman 15.

18. Being recognized all the time by pervious students

Of Course i remember you.... Whats your name again

19. That Feeling You Get When Your Students Says They Love You


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