Finn Smith
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    • Finn Smith

      RE: #2…they look like that because their jobs are NOT fun. The fashion industry is an awful, horrible place to work. It’s shallow, everyone steals ideas from one another, the only thing that matters to anyone is money and appearance, and you’re basically forbidden from having a life or any outside interests. You’re overworked, usually underpaid, and unless you enjoy being yelled at while you have cripplingly low blood sugar, it’s a waste of time and energy (and a lot of it). I know because I worked as a designer for a well-known company for years and even though I had realistic expectations—no SATC fantasies here—it still managed to crush my spirit over time. The day I quit is still in the top 5 happiest days of my life.
      But if fashion is your obsession, the good news is that everybody and their sister has a label these days, so new grads should be able to secure a mid-level design position with J-Lo or one of the Jersey Shore douchebag’s lines.

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