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    17 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have A Rare Disease

    Sometimes it isn't so great being one in a million.

    1. You have weird symptoms that no one can explain

    2. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve been told you’re a hypochondriac

    3. When you finally get a diagnosis, you feel like this…

    4. Then you find out that there is no treatment

    5. Or there is a treatment but it's crazily expensive

    6. You can’t find any information anywhere

    7. Or there is information but it all contradicts itself

    8. Or it’s written in scientific gobbledegook

    9. You become a PhD in your condition

    10. No one can say the name of your condition

    11. You have to explain your condition to every doctor you see

    12. Then you become their prize patient

    13. You have at least three different doctors...

    14. … which means at least three different appointments

    15. When you meet someone else with the same condition it's like...

    16. You wonder how to make your disease go viral

    17. Remember though, you are not alone