A Feel Good Anthem That Will Take You Back To The Future

Relive the awesomely cheesy boombox-brandishing unicorn-riding glory of the 80s in this throwback song and music video from artist Andrew Huang.

You’re riding a motorcycle down a long stretch of straight road. You’ve got a guitar strapped to your back. The wind is blowing through your hair and your bottom of your leather jacket is flapping against the sides of your skin-tight spandex pants. It’s the 80s, and you’re awesome.

Artist and Youtube virtuoso Andrew Huang has succeeded in capturing everything that made the 80s great (and just enough of everything that made the 80s wonderfully cheesy) in his new song Everything Will Be All Right. The track comes from his new album project Love & Desolation- a veritable love-letter to 1980s pop music. The music video- produced by Huang himself- features period-appropriately terribad greenscreening and a pair of skin-tight shiny gold tights worn in every way you could possibly imagine. Prepare yourself to be transported back to an era when a flock of seagulls was a hip hairstyle and Queen was king. And prepare yourself to love every second of it.

Love & Desolation is being pressed on vinyl, and there’s still ~10 hours left at the time of this posting to contribute to the Indiegogo funding campaign and get an advance download of the album. The full album will be released July 10th for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and other major online music vendors. Follow Andrew on Twitter and like his page on Facebook for updates and even more awesome original music.

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