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Movie Review2010 exists to spread the latest gossip on the impressions and impersonations of Barack Obama. This includes upcoming films and comedy shows featuring the presidents many look-a-likes.
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  • Impersonator Kevin Michel Wins Inauguration Battle of Fauxbamas

    The much anticipated battle of the fauxbamas set for climax on inauguration day delivered an upset victory. The anticipation was that previously top Obama “Alpa Cat” who had been featured in many newspapers and with success on YouTube, would easily outperform lesser known Obama and comedian Kevin Michel. Today Goliaf fell. Kevin Michel who without any make-up looks eriely like the President pulled off a suprising win. The shocker came when Alpa Cat released a video that had already been spoofed by Kevin Michel and 100s of others. This lost Alpa scores of points for originality. Alpa produced a spoof of Beyonce Single Ladies that was funny but old and overdone. But that was not the end of the battle. Comedian Kevin Michel delivered with a sizling new music video performance seen here:

  • Inauguration Intensifies Battle For Top Impersonators

    The battle for Obama impersonator supremacy tightens as inauguration approaches. Who will be sworn in as the number 1 Barack Obama impersonator? Last week we assessed many other Obamas, including SNL’s Fred Armisson and the ubiquitous and talented Alphacat. But who is number 1? Our pick is Kevin Michel. After merely weeks as an impersonator, this kid is very close to a mirror image of Barack. Check him out here announcing Obama’s cabinet.

  • Best Obama Impersonator - This Guy is FAST!!

    Barack Obama has many impersonators. It seems each week a new one enters the comedy scene. The sharpest of the new lot is Kevin Michel. Rumored to have been cast by HBO to play the president, Kevin Michel plays on the YouTube Channel “Obamapress.” Mr. Michel produces videos that are highly relevant as he closely tracks the news. Example with the real Obama on vacation when the Blagojevich appointment of Burris was announced, within an hour Kevin released a hilarious comment … but not just that … he shot it live from Hawaii!! Stunning. If nothing else, we give Mr. Michel an A for effort. Check it out!

  • Obama Spoofs Beyonce - Single Ladies Put A Ring On It!

    Without a doubt Beyonce has created a sensation with her music video for “Single Ladies.” Hundreds of imitations, spoofs and attempts at the bootyliscious dance have appeared on YouTube. This week we look at the newest entrant who is the most unlikely of candidates: Barack Obama …well kinda. Comedian Kevin Michel with his masterful impersonation of the President has learned a few new dance moves. Not since Ellen has Barack moved with such grace and elegance. This video had the entire Movie Review Team squealing with laughter.

  • For Obama Film, Kevin Michel is Top Impersonator

    The news that HBO was planning a 2011 documentary film chronicling the meteoric rise of Barack Obama came to no one as a surprise. Many had suggested that it would be difficult to cast someone to play the President, and this would be a difficult casting decision. I am blogging to celebrate the amazing selection HBO has made of comedian Kevin Michel to play the president. At first one would think a comedian a radical (or maverick) choice, but Kevin has succeeded in capturing the essence of the superstar president. Having only recently begun work on the impression, Mr. Michel has made great strides in mimicking Obama and is notably very funny. Here he is doing a spoof of an Obama press conference.

  • SNL Obama Is The Best Impersonator?

    I was asked who was better than the SNL Obama impersonator and my initial reaction was laughter. SNL is hysterical but their Obama - Fred Armisson is not claiming to be the best. There are numerous impersonators on the internet that are more impressive. We heard that Comedian and superb Fauxbama Kevin Michel will likely be starring in the HBO Obama film set for 2011 release. I caught this clip of Kevin as Obama dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies online! Yup. Check it out:

  • Best Obama Impersonator for Film

    Last week we viewed several other Obama impersonator candidates. Today we wrap up the top three with another pick. The rumor is this Obama impersonator, Kevin Michel, has been cast to play Barack in an HBO produced life story set for 2011 release. Practicing on YouTube, Mr. Michel goes by the name “ObamaPress.” He has given us Obama live from Hawaii to Obama dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’ Today we view Kevin doing Obama live at a press conference.

  • Best Obama Impersonator

    We have been combing the web to find a top quality impersonator of President Barack Obama. As inauguration day approaches our search is growing even more frantic. Today we review “The One.” The word is that this Obama impersonator has already been cast by HBO to play the president in a film set for 2011 release. Currently he is rehearsing anonymously by releasing videos on his YouTube Channel called “Obamapress.” Our video today is of Mr. Obamapress - Kevin Michel.

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