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5 Signs You Are A Music Snob

Signs to show you that you probably should stop being such a snob. We get it you are a cool hipster who hates everything......but give the world a break occasionally.

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1. Loving things just for the sole fact that no one else loves it.

I mean why try so hard?

2. When obscure bands you listen to become popular you hate them all of a sudden.

3. When someone loves a Top 40 song you feel the need to express how wrong they are for liking it at all.

No one said it had substance, but can't I like a song just because I want to dance?

4. You are the Kanye West of music listeners.

5. And it is almost a rule as a music snob to hate Taylor Swift's music.

As for liking her I can understand (she isn't very likable), but she is actually a talented singer/songwriter. And I can't hate on that and neither should you my friend.

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