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    While You Were Sneezing, I Made All Of This Really Cool Stuff

    Fast, easy, and cheap projects from InstaCraft, a DIY book for decor and accessories, that you can make in 3…2…1...

    Faux French Lockets

    Meera Lee Patel / Via InstaCraft

    Make your own French enameled lockets for under $5. Apply a thick coat of opaque nail polish to an old locket face. Let dry and wear.

    Wood iPhone Case

    Meera Lee Patel / Via InstaCraft

    No whittling experience required! Trace the outline of your cellphone case onto the lined side of a sheet of pine self adhesive paper (less than $20). Cut around the outline with a pair of scissors. Peel paper from backing and stick into your case.

    Pantone Placemat

    Meera Lee Patel / Via InstaCraft

    Arrange paint swatches on the sticky side of clear adhesive paper (under $6). Apply a second sheet of adhesive paper (sticky side down) on top of your pattern and press down to eliminate air bubbles. Use scissors to cut around the border of your design.

    Paint-Splashed Votives

    Meera Lee Patel / Via InstaCraft

    Dip a paintbrush into acrylic paint and then into a cup of water. Scribble brush inside the votive—try not to overlap scribbles so colors don't blend into brown.

    Checkmate Chess Jars

    Meera Lee Patel / Via InstaCraft

    Glue chess pieces onto container lids. In a well-ventillated area, coat lids with a layer of spray paint. Once dry, screw back onto jars.