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    7 Adventures More Fabulous Than That 2K Engagement Ring

    The average price of an engagement ring is $2,311, according to data from American Express Spending & Savings Tracker. But with some smart spending, you could score a beautiful ring and still have leftover cash to vacation like Beyoncé.

    Step One: Get engaged for $550.


    A single white diamond set in 14kt rose gold, the Rivet Solitaire ring from Anna Sheffield is clean, romantic, and it won't cost you or your significant other an arm and a leg.

    Now that you've got a reasonably priced rock, here's what else you can do with the remaining $1,761...

    Go on two helicopter rides around Maui ($440 per person)


    You and your sweetheart can spend a total of 4 blissful (or terrifying, depending of your feelings towards heights) hours dangling above the Hawaiian island. And with your grand total coming to $1,760, you even have $1 left over for an airport keychain.

    Eat at high-profile restaurant Next in Chicago ($1,000+ for two)


    How it works: You buy a ticket with a specific date, time, and menu. When you arrive, you can eat and drink anything you want.

    Crap yourself diving with sharks ($775 per person)

    Great White Adventures / Via Facebook: media

    Twenty-six miles west of San Francisco, the two of you can lock yourselves in a hell capsule and be slowly dipped into shark-infested waters. This price also includes snacks and beer!

    Shape your own surfboard ($599 per person)


    Head to San Diego's Shaper Studios for a private lesson on surfboard design theory. Then, spend 4 to 6 hours with an instructor learning how to sculpt your own. Use the extra cash for some lessons.

    Fly with a jetpack ($699 per person)

    Jeffery R. Werner / Via

    Play out your Ironman fantasies and get it all on video. With Jetpack America, you can each spend an hour flying like a superhero around Honolulu, Newport Beach, and San Diego.

    Fly to Rome and go to gladiator school (about $73 per person)


    Once you pay off that flight, put $146 towards Roman Gladiator School. Enjoy a 2-hour private lesson girding your loins in traditional garb. Haven't you always wanted an excuse to wear a tunic?

    Get great seats to see Paul McCartney (around $655 per person)

    The_Admiralty / Via

    Depending on the venue, these tickets can get you pretty close to the former Beatle. Opt for the Gold Hot Seat Package through Ticketmaster and get 1 premium ticket, a collectible laminate, and a piece of exclusive merchandise (please say it's a lock of his hair).