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    5 Reasons You Should Start Putting Lip Balm All Over Your Face

    Fashion Week made me do it.

    1. At Nanette Lepore's Spring 2015 collection, makeup artist Grace Lee applied a clear lip balm across the skin to create a slick, wet effect.

    IMAXTREE / Via

    Here are more ways that you can start using lip balm to up your beauty game...

    2. Try it as a brow tamer.


    If your brows tend to be on the unruly side, dab balm along your brow line and brush your brows into place.

    3. Soothe your skin when you're sick.


    If your nose gets red during cold season, rub a little lip balm on your nostrils to keep skin looking smooth.

    4. Make your own highlighter.

    Getty Images / Via

    Apply lip balm to your lids and brow bone to look like you're wearing makeup when you're really not.

    5. Get an instant cheek stain.


    Ditch powder blush (which can dry out your skin in the winter) and swap in your favorite tinted lip balm instead. Pat the balm along the apples of your cheeks for a fresh glow.