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The New Trailer For "Fifty Shades Of Black" Is Here, And Wow

Mr. Black will see you in theaters January 29.

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The new red band trailer for Fifty Shades of Black is here, and as you would expect, it's not safe for work.

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Marlon Wayans is Christian Black, a mysterious business magnate whose tastes are very...singular.

Meet his sweet ingenue Hannah:

Looks like her relationship with Black is kind of a headache from the start.

Mr. Black invites Hannah into his "playroom," and her Inner Goddess is unleashed.

*Fans self*

And yes, there's a red room, so it looks like we'll get everything we could want from a Fifty Shades comedy.

But with all the f*ck-ups, Mr. Black and Hannah actually seem like a relatable couple.

We even learn a bit about Mr. Black's "business ventures."

It's Fifty Shades of Magic Marlon.

The whole thing is promising to be hilarious.

But like, with sexy bits.

"I want you inside me," whispered the theaters, gently. Fifty Shades of Black is coming on January 29.

All imagery courtesy of Open Road Films.