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11 Times Ana From "Fifty Shades" Was A Total Badass

Maybe she's not so submissive after all... Uncover the secrets of Christian Grey's past in Fifty Shades Darker, out now.

1. When she defined the relationship on her terms.

2. Proving she's no longer the shy, timid girl she once was.

3. When she refused to mix business with ~pleasure~.

4. When she was the enforcer of good manners at the dinner table.

5. When she didn't conform to outdated gender roles.

6. When she had the most perfect comeback to this presumptuous suggestion.

7. And played the hard-to-get game so perfectly well.

8. When she shut down Mr Grey in an eight-word email.

9. When she *literally* had Christian Grey eating out of the palm of her hand.

10. When she made it clear she wouldn't be putting up with any more of Christian's BS.

11. And when she decided enough was enough and drew the line.

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