What Life Is Actually Like When You Start Making Your Own Money

Finally, you scored your first job and can pretty much tell your parents to take a hike. Because, lets face it, you’re the captain of your own ship now. Smooth sailing, right?

1. Just got your first real job ever?

Feels pretty good, being all grown up and all.

diloz / Via Flickr: diloz

2. Money problems? Yeah right!

gif-able / Via gif-able.tumblr.com

3. Gone are the days where you have to ask your parents for, well, anything.

That first paycheck feels so good!

orphanjones / Via Flickr: orphanjones

4. So naturally, you WANT to buy all the things.


6. As a newly-minted working professional, you have certain expenses that require your attention

7. Haha expenses? What expenses? Uh-oh.

8. Let's take a closer look at our budget here…

Jason Dirks / Via Flickr: jasondirks

9. There are, of course, your weekly groceries to account for.

tiasnothere / Via instagram.com

10. However, froyo does not fall into the "weekly grocery" category. It is a line item of its own.

cassie-narwhal / Via cassie-narwhal.tumblr.com

11. Wardrobe expenses definitely must be factored in as well.

shoplavish / Via instagram.com

12. Coffee isn't even optional. Budget accordingly.

13. Extra-curricular activities, within reason, get priority as well. Like video games.

zombie-chaser / Via zombie-chaser.tumblr.com

14. If you have a car, it can be a good way to impress the ladies. But gas is not cheap.

Tobyotter / Via Flickr: 78428166@N00

15. An emergency fund can be a good idea. You never know when the unexpected will happen.

Georgie Ward / Via instagram.com

16. With careful planning and financial awareness, you can be well on your way to fiscal stability!

17. Bring it, financial responsibility and adulthood!

mandel93 / Via mandel93.tumblr.com

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