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What It's Like Hanging Onto A Huge Secret

You know a secret is important when you have a hard time keeping it to yourself. Should you lock it up inside or let it all pour out? Whether your secret is large or small, these lessons are learned in The Fifth Estate – in theaters October 18.

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This is you. You're just minding your own business when suddenly you overhear something.

The kind of "something" that makes you want to do this.

And a whole lot of this.

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What do you do with all of this information?

Just keep your mouth shut of course. Pretend like nothing ever happened...

But it keeps you up at night. Tossing and turning and tossing and turning...

It's all you think about. You can't focus on anything for more than a second.

It gets to a point where it feels like there's nothing else in your head.

Your friends start to notice that something is bothering you.

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You can tell one person... no one will ever find out. Right?

You try to tell someone but the words just don't come out.

And right as you think that you can just hold on to the secret forever...

Out it comes like word vomit.

Phew. Now doesn't that feel better?

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