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10 Things That'll Keep You From Reinventing Yourself

You never know if your past will come back to haunt you on your path to fame and fortune. Don't forget to catch the story of one man's reinvention and the quest that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century's most fiercely debated organization when The Fifth Estate hits theaters on October 18.

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1. Any record committing of petty crimes.

2. Any details left behind from befriending a third cousin once removed at the family reunion a decade ago.

3. The memories of your former classmates.

4. A poor credit report.

5. The nerd that you blew off who's been plotting payback against you since the day it happened.

6. The overly emotional rants left behind in your adolescent-era online journal.

7. Likewise, any frantic voicemails you mistakenly left behind.

8. Forgetting to drop by the salon for an essential makeover.

9. Archived B-roll footage from the time you attended the big game.

10. A failed previous attempt to make peace with your competitors.

See what happens when reinvention causes a revolution for the information age when The Fifth Estate hits theaters October 18.

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