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    5 Kissable Frogs

    Are you a traditionally handsome fella? Then move along please!

    Looks aren't everything, but they do account for something. We Fierce Ink Press gals prefer our guys a little left of center. Cute in a non-conventional way. Kissing Frogs author Alisha Sevigny highlights our preference with a list of 5 "frogs" that are totes kissable. While the guys listed may not fit the mold of your typical Hollywood hunk they are still sexy in a kind of quirky, off-beat way. These unconventionally drool-worthy fellas are super intelligent, awesome guys who would definitely be worth giving a chance if they were in fact that slightly adorkable neighbor crushing on you from three doors down.

    Daniel Radcliffe


    A well-spoken man is a big turn-on. You can just tell from his interviews that Danny is a nice guy who remains humble with that lovely self-deprecating humor that Brits do so well. Kudos to him for growing up from insanely popular child actor to insanely talented (yet not insane) adult actor. Kudos also to that chiseled jawline and those dark, brooding brows.

    Elijah Wood


    Holla for hobbits. Elijah Wood is another extremely talented former child actor who’s navigated the murky waters of transitioning to grown-up stardom without being dragged under by the tentacles of entitlement and egoism. Not only does this actor/producer/DJ with the soulful baby blues support a myriad of charities, he’s also known for being generous with the time and energy he gives to his fans.

    Jason Segal


    Aside from being an actor, author, musician, songwriter and screenwriter, Jason Segal is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. He even took a fan to an awards show after she wrote him a song asking him for a date. Just like his Muppets co-star Kermit, Jason is one frog we’d love to snuggle up with. Did I mention he has the best goofy smile EVER?

    Ed Sheeran


    This down-to-earth ginger once cleaned up his own hotel room after feeling bad for the maid. Despite his legion of screaming young fans Eddie seems to have a good head on his shoulders and has been quoted as saying, “It’s the time of being polite”. He also says that he knows his pop star days won’t last forever and that he’d like to settle down in his early thirties and have a bunch of kids. Here’s hoping they inherit their dad’s glorious flaming-red locks.

    Honorable Mention: Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom)


    Neville, you’ve come a long way from the bottom … and as this pictures shows, you’re definitely here. (See how I did that? Remixed a Harry Potter and a Drake reference. Boo ya.) Neville is a prime example of a former frog turned into full-fledged Prince — who was the lucky girl who kissed him?

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