12 LGBTQIA+ Fictional Podcasts You Should Listen To This Month (And Really All-Year-Round)

    Queers for your ears!

    If you're tired of queer shows being cancelled or vanishing from streaming services, allow us to introduce you to arguably the gayest form of media...fiction podcasts.

    Creating a fiction podcast is much more accessible for artists than other scripted content, which means you get authentic and diverse LGBTQIA+ stories directly from creators.

    So whether it's an immersive TV show for your ears or a narrator driven fiction piece, there are a plethora of stories in any genre with characters to make you feel truly seen....or heard...

    1. Star Trek, but make it very, very gay: Starship Q Star

    cover of animated space captains and the title

    2. Party like it's 1999: Brimstone Valley Mall

    A black silhouette of a humanoid demon on a red background with white text in the centre that reads BRIMSTONE VALLEY MALL

    3. Sweet fandom romance: Me and AU

    photo of the title card surrounded in watercolor flowers

    4. A horror road trip with a difference: Alice Isn't Dead

    A simple graphic image of a black truck front on an orange and yellow sky, The truck is reflected in white on the lower half, but upside down it looks like a skull, There is yellow text reading ALICE ISN'T DEAD

    5. Southern and spooky: Old Gods of Appalachia

    photo of the title card with the title and a silhouette of trees with tentacles

    6. Don't go into the forest...: Hello From The Hallowoods

    A spooky black forest silhouetted on a white sky, with bright red text that reads HELLO FROM THE HALLOWOODS

    7. Houston, we have an emotional podcast: Moonbase Theta, Out

    8. Making moon waves: Tides

    photo of the title card where a man is running on a wave of water

    9. [TEXT NOT FOUND]: Doctor Who: Redacted

    photo of the title card of a tardis

    10. Sci-Fi found family drama: The Strange Case of Starship Iris

    photo of the title card of the title in 3D wording and saturn

    11. Fantasy off the beaten path: Sidequesting

    photo of the title card of a hand-drawn wizard sitting under a tree

    12. And genre mashing timeline bending: The Penumbra Podcast

    photo of the title card with a half-clock and the title