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    • fic

      its ridiculous including elizabeth moon in this list especially on the basis of the post quoted.Ihave read every single book she has written, some many times, and she is an advocate for equality and humility, hard work and compassion. For what it is worthipersonally think it is in poor taste to siteamosque near ground zero and wonder privately what the muslim elders were thinking wantingaplace of worship so close to the site of such an atrocity regardless of the views of the perpetrators.ialso feel that there are aspects of the muslim religion eg their treatment and circumcision of women/girls that do have no place inaliberal democratic society and that it is asking too much to allow or even turnablind eye such practices in the name of religious tolerance. elizabeth moon isastrong advocate for the rights of disabled too and to my mind suchahumanitarian should be listened to not classified asabigot

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