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    My Journey From Pain To Healing With Fibroids Miracle

    I suffered for years with intense pain before finding a natural alternative that doctors told me wouldn't work. I am totally free of all fibroids symptoms thanks to Fibroids Miracle.

    I was one of the many women who, for many years, was experiencing fibroid growths almost nonstop. The treatment alternatives offered by conventional doctors were not actually worth the trouble, considering surgical treatment didn't do anything but temporarily remove my uterine fibroids. They regrew within 6 months of the surgery. The only way that I could have totally alleviated my fibroids with surgery was to have a hysterectomy. I actually considered this as an option but I didn't want to lower or even remove my capability to have kids.

    Alternatively, if you want to understand how to do away with fibroid tumors in a safe and natural way, there is a lot you can do providing you are prepared to put in some effort. Although the "watchful waiting" strategy is great for females who have very mild symptoms, for those who have years to go to before reaching menopause and who have fibroids symptoms and weight gain which are negatively effecting their quality of life, this is just not an option. Although experts still can not determine exactly what triggers fibroids, this is due to the fact that it is believed that a complex interaction takes place with each individual woman's genetic make up. In other words, it's totally different for everyone.

    Women who have high estrogen levels frequently have fibroids as do those who are obese. Females without any kids are likewise more likely to have fibroids as are females over 30 and those of African American descent. Hereditary factors likewise play a part. Unlike weight loss though, the good thing is that preliminary results can be rapid and although you will not remove fibroids overnight, you can definitely start to see a huge improvement in your symptoms within days-and this is motivation in itself.

    I happened to be one of those women who was overproducing Estrogen. If you're serious about getting rid of your fibroids you have to come to terms with the fact of reducing Estrogen levels within your body. One method of doing this is by controlling your weight as Estrogen is both made by and stored in the fat cells. Beans, nuts, lentils and seeds are all excellent foods for fibroid victims as are grains.

    Aim to consume organically grown produce as this will limit your intake of chemicals and pesticides. I chose to go the natural route because surgery was just so darn expensive and seemed a bit extreme. I had heard about women shrinking their fibroids through diet and I thought, if they can do it I can do it too. Not only did I almost completely get rid of my fibroid symptoms, I achieved a healthier lifestyle and ultimately a healthier body because of the all natural foods I consumed on a daily basis. I recommend a program called Fibroids Miracle which is an awesome system on how to begin shrinking fibroids naturally. Check out this home remedy fibroids plan.