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13 Moments Every Dessert Lover Lives For

It's the little things.

1. Pulling apart a cookie that's perfectly gooey.

2. Getting a doughnut fresh from the fryer.

3. Dipping a strawberry in melted chocolate.

4. Secretly licking the spoon because YOLO.

5. Cracking the crème brûlée.

6. Getting the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio.

7. Pouring the espresso over the ice cream in an affogato.

8. Watching this happen:

Is this what love feels like?

9. Cutting into a molten chocolate cake with reckless abandon.

10. Nailing the icing swirl...

11. ...and the whipped cream swirl.

12. Finding the pocket of chocolate in a chocolate croissant.

13. And ruining a gorgeous dessert by taking the first bite.

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