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21 Out Of Style Things That Should Make A Comeback Now

Everyone knows that fashion is a circle, not a straight line. So every so often, great styles make a comeback. Just ask Fiat 500.

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2. Headscarves

No more 'bad hair days' - EVER. Plus, you look like you've just stepped out of a French film. One where you're a glamorous countess and are about to go on a windswept drive.

4. Frosted blue eyeshadow

Une femme est une femme/Jean-Luc Godard / Via

The natural look is so overrated - isn't the point of make-up to make you look lovelier? You were on to a winner if you found this in your mum's make-up bag as a kid. #Nostalgia.

5. Double denim

B*witched/Epic Glowworm Sony/ / Via

Whoever said that we couldn't wear denim up top and bottom? Crazy people, that's who. Denim works hard for its living and goes with everything. That's why they wear it in prisons.


7. Wide-collar shirts

Kevin Dooley/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: pagedooley

Fashion that's not only a style-statement but doubles as a device to stop strangers from invading your personal space on the tube. Use extra starch, to make them stick out, for maximum elbow room.

8. Longline swimwear

Craig Howell/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: seat850

Not only does it hide a multitude of sins, there's no weird tan lines to disguise later. Modern swimwear is just underwear - it's like the Emperor's new clothes.

10. Velour

Yuri Arcurs / Getty Images

Ruined in the 90s by tracksuit bottoms and daytime TV show guests. However, this picture shows the benefits of wearing such a tactile fabric - it just pleads 'come snuggle me'.

12. Day gloves

Chaloner Woods / Getty Images

Gloves - when it's not even cold outside? An odd concept, but when you stop to think about how germy public transport is, they totally make sense. Plus, they hide chipped nail varnish, sweaty palms and make even large paws look dainty.

13. Geometric tailoring

Peter Zelei / Getty Images

Especially when it's in primary colours teamed with black and lashings of black eyeliner. You look like you're in a Pablo Picasso painting, or the sort of girl people write songs about. Bonus points: the black eyeliner hides tell-tale grey eye-bags and actually looks better when you've slept in it/accidentally rubbed your eyes because you've forgotten you've got make-up on. Again.

14. Flares

Via Buzzfeed/ Dennis Hallinan / Getty Images

A massive style-statement that makes your waist look tiny and the rest of you look like you might be a time-traveller. If people ask you this, exclaim 'WHAT YEAR IS IT? MY EXPERIMENT WORKED!' then run away, cackling madly.

20. Hypercolor tshirts

Joe Goldberg/Flickr/(CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: goldberg

Like a mood ring, but for your body. The only problem was that they were heat activated - so tended to colour around the pit area if you got a little hot and bothered. But, with the invention of extra-strength deodorant we're ready to bring these back to the twenty-teens.

21. Gold lamé

Dennis Hallinan / Getty Images

Because nothing shows that you're ready to party quite like a jacket that reflects light like a disco ball. It's the least practical colour and material you could wear - which means it's pure party.