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    Best Instagram Moments Of The Cast Of The White Lotus Will Make You Watch The Show Again

    Have your fill of The White Lotus cast.

    HBO's much applauded series The White Lotus delivered a punch to the gut with its much anticipated finale.

    Image of the white lotus on hbo

    Now that the first season is over, there's no need to miss its coruscating cast as we have brought where you can follow your favorite The White Lotus cast members on social media.

    Alexandra Daddario, who plays Rachel:

    It seems she is a fan of non-traditional body care methods like cupping. Is that the secret to her being in awesome shape?

    Nature lover. Jungle queen.

    And an animal lover as well. Fun to be surrounded by pooches.

    Here she is getting herself accupunctured. Another form of traditional form of medicine.

    Jake Lacy, who plays Shane.

    "This shirt is 25 yrs old. I made it at summer camp in Vermont."

    Connie Britton, who plays Nicole Mossbacher:

    "A little kindness can make all the difference in a child’s life."

    She is "watching" the world leaders as she is trying to get them to address these #GlobalGoals by 2030.

    Quite the bookworm she is.

    A warm and powerful message on the Mother's Day to all the mothers especially those who are facing hardships and uphill task in rearing their kids.

    Murray Bartlett, who plays Armond:

    "Morning fog with my four-legged soul mate"

    It seems the better your onscreen work is, the messier your room is.

    We have another animal lover here.

    When Siri refuses to listen to you.

    Sydney Sweeney, who plays Olivia Mossbacher:

    "Believe it or not selfie timer"

    Jungle Queen 2.0

    Here she and her friend (and Euphoria co-star) Maude Apatow recreate the iconic photo from 1957 of Sophia Loren staring at Jayne Mansfield's chest.

    Is she wearing 3D glasses?

    Brittany O'Grady, who plays Paula.

    "When a man’s heart is full of gold, it’s easy to say yes."

    "Hold My Beer"

    Lil Brittany combing daddy's hairs.

    "A blue matcha and my baby girl 🦋"

    Look at the hair and the braiding. Wish we got to see this amazing pigtail on The White Lotus.

    "My directorial debut in outer space!!!"

    Molly Shannon, who plays Kitty, Shane's mother:

    "Betty O’Malley and Sally O’Malley."

    With Aubrey Plaza and Mike White (director of The White Lotus).

    "We are making another movie in Italy!"

    She ran into her lookalike on a Delta flight.

    And finally: Fred Hechinger, who plays Quinn Mossbacher: