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    Reactions To "The Wheel Of Time" That Are Spot On

    Will this be the new The Witcher?

    Amazon Prime dropped an epic fantasy series on November 19 called The Wheel of Time. It's based on the book series of the same name, and many fans were earnestly waiting for it to debut.

    Title card of the series
    Amazon Prime

    Viewers seem to really be loving this series. Don't trust my word! Check out the fan reactions below!

    The beautiful title sequence:

    can we talk about these, this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen #TheWheelOfTime #twitteroftime #wheeloftime

    Twitter: @supergride

    Daniel Henney absolutely crushes it:

    Daniel Henney is the only reason I watched #TheWheelOfTime.

    Mike Marsland / WireImage , Twitter: @nancywyuen

    Fans appreciated Henney's costume:

    Not to gloat or anything (well, maybe a little gloating), but I was right about #Lan's costume being inspired by a Korean Hanbok! @danielhenney had input into the costuming and wanted it to be Korean inspired! Representation Matters! #TheWheelofTime #TwitterofTime

    Twitter: @LezbiNerdy

    This is a marvelous scene:

    Marcus is absolutely perfect as Perrin! This scene was amazing! #TheWheelOfTime

    Twitter: @maiden_of_spear

    One word — glorious:

    THIS scene where you can see that a Warder will do anything to protect his Aes Sedai..🥺 #TheWheelOfTime #Moiraine #Lan

    Twitter: @BlackTowerNews1

    Rosamund Pike is a total badass in the show:

    just a flick of the head and bye bye trolloc HER POWER #TheWheelOfTime

    Twitter: @rosamundpikelet

    Michael McElhatton, who was seen as Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones, is getting praise:

    Best father figure in Edmond Field #TheWheelOfTime #twitteroftime #wheeloftime

    Twitter: @supergride

    A work of genius to some:

    Mat Cauthon is actually a genius and I can prove it: #TheWheelOfTime

    Twitter: @maiden_of_spear

    Truly handsome:

    Twitter: @Bain_Chiad

    A goosebump-inducing moment:

    SHIVERS!!!!!! GO GIRL!!! #TheWheelOfTime #Nynaeve

    Twitter: @BraidNational

    Fans are certainly having fun with the show:

    How did Dana call the #Fade? While she still had a good conNECKtion #TheWheelOfTime

    Twitter: @ChildBornhald

    Who wants them to end up together?

    Listen, when Maishara started playing at the end of episode 2 and again when Nynaeve was picking ingredients for her poultice with Lan just watching I was finished! #TheWheelOfTime

    Twitter: @sage_afro

    Some massive developments in Episode 4:

    Hoooollyyyy shit. If you weren't sold on #WheelOfTime in the first 3 eps (I wasn't) episode 4 is INCREDIBLE. I'm all-in. Fucking cool.

    Twitter: @hexsteph

    My fellow #WheelOfTime fans: You are not ready for Lan and Nynaeve in episode 4. The clip below comes from scene that is pure gold.

    Twitter: @CourtsideCorey

    Nicely summed up:

    #WoTShowSpoilers #WheelofTime Episode 4 summary:

    Twitter: @BingetownTv

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m sick and therefore very sensitive but the last scene of episode 4 of #WheelOfTime literally made me cry ??

    Twitter: @KopanoMashishi

    Some important observations about the "purists":

    So I have noticed something about the toxic outrage from book purists about the #WheelOfTime adaptation...and that's a lot of them are men. It's almost as if they've been tainted somehow...#TwitterOfTime

    Twitter: @Spearman91

    Let's all enjoy this sword and sorcery show:

    Watched #TheWheelOfTime ep 1-3 with some non readers. Comment highlights: - “I like this way better than Game of Thrones.” - “Why are all the men such idiots?” - “If the Dragon has to be one of the men, it better be Mat.” They loved it, and we are all tuning in again next week.

    Twitter: @Jakyriss907

    What did you think about The Wheel of Time? Let me know in the comments below!