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    These "The French Dispatch" Fan Reactions Are So On Point, I Went And Saw The Movie Twice

    Wes Anderson is back with a colorful splash.

    The French Dispatch is the latest colorful lighthearted masterpiece from auteur Wes Anderson. And like his previous work, the movie is replete with an A-list cast, eccentric humor, and elegance.

    A man selling newspapers.

    Many fans agree that this film is amazing.

    The French Dispatch was an absolute masterpiece. I genuinely can't think of anything that could've made it better.

    Twitter: @Harlow_Sanders

    THE FRENCH DISPATCH (2021). The common complaint is that Wes Anderson only makes precious, eccentric, emotionally-aloof little curiosity cabinets. My complaint is that more filmmakers aren't making precious, eccentric, emotionally-aloof little curiosity cabinets. I adored it.

    Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @tonytost

    The French Dispatch is one of the most beautiful, invigorating, inspiring pieces of modern film artistry and I am unutterably dismayed because I know I can never create anything that will be even 1/10th as impactful as this film. Chapeau Wes Anderson.

    Twitter: @bekahjlee

    @french_dispatch An absolute visual treat for the eyes. The perfect antidote to everyday life and set in 1960s France 🇫🇷 What’s not to love! 😍

    Twitter: @VinPink2

    Of course, the stellar cast helped solidify the movie's greatness.

    The stars of Wes Anderson’s ‘The French Dispatch’

    Twitter: @filmdaze

    Fans are thirsting for Timothée Chalamet.

    The French Dispatch new clip, Zeffirelli #TimothéeChalamet

    Twitter: @__MilkyTimo

    Timothée is at his most Chalamet in The French Dispatch.

    Twitter: @SteveisSensible

    His dedication to his art unveiled.

    zeffirelli's notebook from the bathroom scene handwritten by @RealChalamet @french_dispatch

    Twitter: @thegrlfromperth

    Adrien Brody gives one of my favourite male performances of the year so far in THE FRENCH DISPATCH

    Twitter: @ByJordanLuke

    Let the Halloween cosplay begin!

    owen wilson’s leica photog character from the french dispatch gonna be a hot halloween costume

    Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @ioegreer

    Going to see The French Dispatch by myself tonight

    Twitter: @coolpilled

    Really, really enjoyed THE FRENCH DISPATCH, and that poignant heart to heart scene between Jeffrey Wright’s Roebuck Wright and Stephen Park’s Lt. Nescaffier on being foreigners, is one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve seen all year.

    Twitter: @reelandroll

    It seems there are some who liked a particular segment of the movie the most.

    I’m lukewarm on The French Dispatch, but “The Concrete Masterpiece” is Wes Anderson at his very, very best. This story about a murderous artist and his jailer muse has the spirit missing from the other vignettes, and I ate it right up. Worth a watch just for that story.

    Twitter: @strangeharbors / Searchlight Pictures, Entertainment Pictures / Alamy

    Don't we wish there was a real French Dispatch?

    Now I know why people love Wes Andserson. This film was so artistic and incredible. Now I'm romanticising everything I see while pining for a copy of the French Dispatch.

    Twitter: @austeninvegas

    Forget that new James Bond film and prepare to see Léa Seydoux and Jeffrey Wright in a work of art which takes you on a flurry of adventure… The @french_dispatch does not disappoint!

    Twitter: @AthenaStamos / Alamy

    One viewer did notice the influence that past French masters have had on The French Dispatch.

    "The French Dispatch" (2021), Wes Anderson vs. "Mon oncle" (1958), Jacques Tati.

    Twitter: @jonathanmartinz

    What did you think about The French Dispatch? Let us know below in the comments!