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    Twitter Is Raving Over Simu Liu's Performance In "Shang-Chi"

    Simu Liu's Shang-Chi has cast magical rings around our heart.

    Shang-Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings was just released in theaters and Marvel's first Asian superhero has pretty much blown the minds of fans.

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    Marvel Studios / Via

    Simu Liu is spectacular as the titular character of Shang-Chi, and every time he is on screen leaves you mesmerized.

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    Marvel Studios / Via

    But you don't have to take my word for that. These Twitter reactions to his glorious performance speak volumes:


    Holy hell. From performances to music to spectacle, #shangchi was magical. Amazing work, @SimuLiu.

    Twitter: @GameOverGreggy


    SHANG-CHI WAS EVEN BETTER ON THE BIG SCREEN! And the crowd clapped and had a blast and it was just friggin' great. Can't wait for everyone to see #ShangChi! And @SimuLiu straight killin' it. The whole cast, really!

    Twitter: @AgentM


    Just finished watching #ShangChi 10/10 @SimuLiu great job boy Don't get me even started on the soundtrack 🀩

    Twitter: @Beata42884852


    #ShangChi is top tier Marvel, one of the best solo films and truly so thrilling, fun, refreshing and beautiful. It nicely blends styles and cultures to deliver a unique film that feels super special, not to mention Simu Liu is fantastic as Shang-Chi! Go see it!

    Twitter: @parksieTy


    simu liu as shang chi is always on my mind #ShangChi

    Twitter: @physicaloki


    Yes! #shangchi was absolutely stellar. Bravo @SimuLiu!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

    Twitter: @LeRoid


    .@SimuLiu is the show stealer πŸ”₯🀯 #ShangChi

    Twitter: @Marvel_Stans


    The way @SimuLiu fcking killed it in #shangchi had me ready to stand and applaud in the middle of the theater 😭😭

    Twitter: @excuseofreality


    #ShangChi was a beautiful movie and the best MCU Content of this year, for me. I loved it so much! @SimuLiu killed it! OVERALL: 9/10

    Twitter: @BatStriking


    #ShangChi was absolutely incredible! The action scenes were great, the story was compelling, and the jokes were some of the MCU's best! It hooked me from the opening scene, and @SimuLiu was amazing as Shang-Chi! One of the best Marvel movies in years! Loved this one!

    Twitter: @keiths5233


    So #ShangChi was effing wonderful, give me all of the @SimuLiu please and thanks.

    Twitter: @jillyymariee


    he understood the task. #shangchi @SimuLiu

    Twitter: @agustinacuna25


    #ShangChi is probably my favourite solo movie in the MCU !!! That was amazing !! Can we talk about @SimuLiu and legit the whole cast !!! Everything was perfectly balanced Also the post credits scene just WoW

    Twitter: @priscillaj15


    Tonight, I get to stare at this beautiful, gorgeous man @SimuLiu for 2 hours on that huge @DolbyCinema screen #ShangChi ❀️‍πŸ”₯

    Twitter: @rashad_h_


    #ShangChi is my new favourite movie. Thank you for manifesting this @SimuLiu

    Twitter: @TamTu


    #ShangChi is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in the MCU. A fresh origin story, great representation, truly engaging and captivating action sequences all topped with a ton of heart, comedy and stellar acting from lead star @SimuLiu and his fellow cast-mates. #ShangChi

    Twitter: @nerdy_basement


    #ShangChi was excellent. I love how much the MCU is opening up and I have so many questions afterwards. Also, the fight choreography was *chefs kiss* Congrats @SimuLiu!!

    Twitter: @jack_p


    friendly reminder that since Shang-Chi doesn't wear a mask, @SimuLiu had to do most of his stunts himself aaaaaah i'm so pumped for this movie!!!!!!!! #ShangChi

    Twitter: @michaeIuHHHHH


    #ShangChi is some absolutely elite tier superhero bullshit. I loved it. Simu Liu is a goddamn superstar and the movie is just fun as hell.

    Twitter: @OzOnMovies

    Have you seen Shang-Chi yet? What did you think? Let us know below.