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    These Fans Can't Stop Talking About "Last Night In Soho" And Honestly I Feel The Same

    Even Stephen King loves it.

    Last Night in Soho is the latest gift from the mind of Edgar Wright, and it is a masterpiece. It takes us on a horrific and thrilling ride through London and the Swinging '60s while delving into a dreamy mystery.

    The film has wowed viewers around the world. Let's see what people are saying:

    1. High praise coming from the masters of the genre:

    I got an advance look at LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, and plan to see it again when it opens on Friday. I hardly ever re-watch--there's so many good things out there--but this one is special. Time travel with a twist.

    Twitter: @StephenKing


    Just walked out of #LastNightInSoho - feeling such love for this completely out-of-the-box stylish horror-thriller. @edgarwright is in complete control & at his best & the cast is aces all around.

    Twitter: @JamesGunn


    I saw @edgarwright's haunting LAST NIGHT IN SOHO and I'm still processing it. I spent 90 minutes wondering what kind of film Edgar was making, then it opened like a flower and revealed itself. Such powerful stuff, with so much technical skill. A jagged love letter to Soho.

    Twitter: @neilhimself

    4. Fans loved the neon palette throughout the movie:

    Twitter: @anyarchive

    5. It definitely deserves another watch:

    Frikkin loved Edgar Wright's new film, Last Night in Soho. Will need to watch again a few times! #LastNightInSoho

    Twitter: @ItsJonFen

    6. Terence Stamp is quite menacing in this:

    Also seeing one of my favorite actors Terence Stamp in a big movie like this makes me so happy! #LastNightInSoho @edgarwright

    Twitter: @Skoringo_Tweets


    Collection Christophel © Artemple - Hollywood / New Regency Pictures , Twitter: @mistortewdee

    8. I was surprised to see him in the film:

    sam claflin surprise in #LastNightInSoho sir...... i am on my knees

    Twitter: @canisfucus


    #LastNightInSoho is magnificent! It’s suspenseful and I was on the edge of my seat. Thomasin McKenzie is wonderful. It was suitably spooky and I loved it! And WHAT a soundtrack!

    Focus Features / Courtesy Everett Collection , Twitter: @lewisjwr

    10. Edgar Wright deserves all the high praise coming his way:

    I’ve been a fan of @edgarwright’s for half my life, and #LastNightInSoho is easily one of my favorite things he’s ever done. It’s brilliant, gorgeous, & complicated — narratively & technically — in ways I’m going to be thinking about for a while. Anya & Thomasin are superstars.

    Twitter: @heyitsjennalynn


    #LastNightInSoho is a lot of fun. Edgar Wright's filmmaking is as sharp and engaging as ever. It does sadly have way too little Anya Taylor Joy. But Edgar's love for old horror movies is infectious. I cannot stress how likable Thomasin McKenzie is in this.

    Twitter: @KaplanAmerica


    #LastNightInSoho is surprisingly fun and dynamic until it’s not. You ride the wave with Eloise, going from charmed wonder into a terrifying reality check. Edgar Wright managed to work a film around the scariest creature known: men. Anya-Taylor Joy is great 🤩

    Parisa Taghizadeh /© Focus Features / Courtesy Everett Collection , Twitter: @TheJosieMarie


    More good news, #LastNightInSoho goes from uncomfortable to distressing at the flick of a switch, Jack The Ripper style. Don’t glamourise the past you don’t belong to!

    Focus Features / Courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @ryanhollinger

    14. The movie will remind you of many horror and psychological thrillers from the 1960s:

    LAST NIGHT IN SOHO is an absolute blast! A twisted love letter to the 60’s psychological thrillers. Anya Taylor-Joy and the late, great Diana Rigg are standouts. I could quibble about a few things, but I think this is my new favorite Edgar Wright.

    Twitter: @priceliketag

    15. Last Night in Soho is Margaret Nolan's final film — she appeared in the James Bond flick Goldfinger:

    I'm looking forward to seeing Last Night In Soho but what excites me most is knowing Margaret Nolan is in it.

    Twitter: @MrsSteveMOBrien

    16. It's also the final film of Bond girl Diana Rigg, who had the unique role of playing Bond's wife. She is best known to us for her role in Game of Thrones. Can you guess whom she portrays in GoT?

    Anya Taylor-Joy and Diana Rigg in Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’

    Focus Features/Courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @FilmUpdates

    How did you feel about Last Night in Soho? Let us know in the comments below!