These "Eternals" Reactions Prove That Critics Missed The Mark With This One

    Eternals seems to be hitting with MCU fans.

    There's a new kid on the MCU block. And it is not an Avengers movie, albeit the ensemble cast certainly matches it. Behold Eternals!

    1. Steering this film was the acclaimed director, Chloe Zhao:

    The immensity of Chloe Zhao's incredible craftsmanship is beyond most people's comprehension. #Eternals is a visually stunning, inventive, and forward-thinking film. Eternals is a cinematic force to be reckoned with; with a fantastic ensemble cast, it wonderfully shows how (1/2)

    Twitter: @themarvals

    2. Coming from the director of Nomadland, no less:

    Chloe Zhao does a great job in letting character relationship breathe and giving us amazing fight sequences, #Eternals felt like Nomadland but on a grander and more electrifying scale. Everyone will definitely be talking which is there favorite characters for a long while!!

    Twitter: @KNerd89

    3. Fans loved the storyline:

    Yeah, I loved this. Epic, genuinely emotional, meditative, character driven, uniquely tragic. Deviants subplot needed a bit more. But Zhao joins Snyder and Donner as one of the few filmmakers to fully embrace the idea of superheroes as myths. One of the MCU’s best. #Eternals


    4. Fans have spoken, loud and clear:

    Twitter: @ShangChiTheGOAT


    majority of the audience is loving #eternals, eternals love is all over the timeline

    Twitter: @stuffnfilms

    6. Will take me more than one viewing to absorb the presence of these characters:

    The amount of love I have for Makkari, Druig, Thena and Gilgamesh >>>>> #Eternals

    Twitter: @xpiacastrox / Marvel / Courtesy of Everett Collection

    7. We have a new favorite MCU couple:

    ALL other couples can go home now btw. Drukkari IS THE MOMENT. #Eternals

    Twitter: @shangswilson

    8. It looks like Dane Whitman has a bright future:

    Also last tweet for right now about #Eternals and that is that I am so so so so so so so so so so invested in Dane Whitman and we only got a glimpse of him. I’m so ready to follow him through the next phase of the MCU and Kit Harrington is going to absolutely crush it.

    Twitter: @justmenat_

    9. The fight scenes are action packed:

    The forest fight sequence is definitely on my top 5 MCU fight scenes. #Eternals

    Twitter: @chrisdadeviant

    10. How can we forget Karun:

    Best character... no debating #Eternals

    Twitter: @Juliee4211 / Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

    11. Makkari touched our hearts:

    What's maybe resonating with me most after watching #Eternals is how so many of the films most powerful lines were delivered in sign language by Lauren Ridloff as Makkari. This is the evolution of a genre. So beautiful.

    Twitter: @LukeStarkey


    Makkari was definitely one of the best #Eternals

    Twitter: @clintashaspawn

    13. Angelina Jolie didn't disappoint either:

    #Thena is my absolute favorite. Angelina Jolie brought so much emotion to the character and so much depth. #Eternals

    Twitter: @wariswhack


    #AngelinaJolie as #Thena delivered such an emotional and beautiful performance. ❤️😍You'll not ready this #Eternals

    Twitter: @itsjust_rishi

    15. Let's not forget the talented engineer, Phastos:

    The entire ensemble in #Eternals is great, but Brian Tyree Henry as #Phastos was definitely my favorite of the bunch. That dude is a hell of a talent.

    Twitter: @BryanSudfield

    16. How many felt this:

    Me in the theater every time #Sersi came on the screen 💚 #Eternals

    Twitter: @cjrebirth

    17. Some Game of Thrones jokes were bound to happen:

    I find it really funny that Robb Stark and Jon Snow both fell in love with a character names Sersi. #Eternals

    Twitter: @DingusBringus

    18. Richard Madden may be the next MCU superstar:

    #Ikaris is the best character in #Eternals Richard Madden 👌🏻

    Twitter: @iamsarath_10

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