These Behind The Scene Pics Of "The Boys" Show The Laughter Behind All That Gore

    Even Homelander had to laugh.

    The Boys Season 3 has shocked and regaled fans with many twists, revelations, wacky violence, and herogasm. Although there's been no head popping this season, Butcher is going around lasering supes and Hughie can undress them.

    Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier Boy look on

    If you felt that this season has been crazier than the last two then I guess you shall enjoy seeing the crazy stuff that goes behind the scenes.

    1. When you get used to working from home.

    2. Hughie trying some of the toys.

    3. New way of wearing masks.

    4. Hughie doing a nip slip.

    5. Sitting like a king.

    6. Ashley ain't so hostile it seems.

    7. The good ol' days with Supersonic.

    8. Is Homelander taking a measure of Ashley's head?

    9. Yeah! Just disembowelled someone.

    10. You...better keep an eye on our antics.

    11. So Frenchie, Kimiko, and Homelander are friends?

    12. With the creepy stuffed chimp in Countess’ room.

    13. Homelander keeps getting caught off guard.

    14. Selfie before the mission.

    15. HAHA! It was all fake blood to feign injury.

    16. Yum, fake vomit.

    17. I am watching all you evil supes.

    18. My precious...

    19. Ahh! Billy and Homelander have patched up.

    20. Are the Russians making him sing?

    21. Deep's devotion to the devil is devious.

    22. Birthday and some drinks.

    23. Supes and their nemesis chilling out.

    24. Yay! Lost powers and then got it back.

    25. Did you know that a pair of twins play Ryan?

    26. Cutting up bodies of supes beats cutting cakes.

    27. Victoria Neuman, the party popper.

    28. Crying because Soldier Boy is gonna mess them up.

    29. Homelander is horny.

    30. When you call your friend by their childhood nickname...

    31. All the sex toys of Herogasm get a thumbs up from Hughie.

    32. I am glad that Victoria's eyes are closed.

    33. This is all that was ACTUALLY going on during that much-awaited fight between Homelander and Soldier Boy.

    34. Kimiko under the watch of a heavy camera.

    35. Job done. Heads popped.

    36. Before breaking out Soldier Boy.

    37. When you know that the Countess is done for.

    38. Rocking the shades.

    39. Are they gonna make out?

    40. So all that gore and bone crunching is actually funny?

    41. Take this, Homelander!

    42. How would one advertise Victoria pops?

    Jack Quaid sucks a lollipop in front of an advertisement cut out of Starlight