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    These 37 "Maid" Reactions Prove How Emotionally Perplexing This Netflix Series Is

    Please get a box of tissues before you watch this show.

    Netflix dropped a new miniseries, and people have become emotionally invested in it. Maid is based on the real-life story of Stephanie Land. It stars Once Upon a Time in Hollywood alumnus Margaret Qualley as the protagonist, and Andie MacDowell plays her mother.

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    Standing on the shoulders of sterling acting, incisive writing, and a poignant soundtrack, this show hits hard at the right times and reminds us of how ugly the world outside can be.

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    The internet is hooked on Maid, and it's easy to understand why. These are the most on-point reactions to the Netflix series:

    1. Mindy Kaling is hooked on it.

    Twitter: @mindykaling

    2. I think this was all of us while watching the show.

    Twitter: @CashMom__

    3. The acting is marvelous and convincing.

    If at #MAIDNetflix doesn't win awards for Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson or Andie MacDowell I don't recognize this world we live in. #Television #WhatToWatch

    Twitter: @TerraBlue_


    Just watched the first episode of #MAIDNetflix it’s so good. Margaret Qualley play a poor white women in an abusive relationship and she is having one hell of a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. Wldnt wish this on my worst enemy. Shesh.

    Twitter: @BlogXilla


    TW // domestic violence #MAIDNetflix is a must watch. I was amazed at how they tackled dv through the lens of someone who was not physically abused but was emotionally, verbally and mentally abused. It brought to light an angle that's often disregarded when it comes to dv

    Twitter: @JCQuijada_


    She’s the freaking GOAT 🐐 The way she care for those women is amazing! The world need more like her frfr #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @MorgansBME / Ricardo Hubbs / Netflix


    . @AnikaNoniRose’s acting in this scene of #MaidNetflix gives me chills. Superb🙌🏽

    Twitter: @lizcriolla

    8. Another important aspect of the show.

    Graduation is a victory, but so is arriving to campus. #MAIDNetflix illustrates how the #RealCollege pathway is confusing, complex, and easily sidetracked. Also requires extreme dedication. She's outside bc she has to be a certain distance from the DV shelter to use her phone.

    Twitter: @AmberStylesMPA

    9. Some people also realized how lucky they are.

    Watching #MAIDNetflix made me realize how privileged I am in ways I never even realized. There is no point in my life where, if I had to flee an unsafe situation, I wouldn’t have had my choice of a dozen safe places to go, where I could count on people to take me in & help.

    Twitter: @vwyeth

    10. I think we all were rooting for Nate at this point.

    Everytime Alex dodges Nate’s attempt to ask her out…What are you doing girl?!? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Some of this misfortune is on you. Look at this hot successful man! (PS I’m only on episode 5) #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @FriendlyBoat / Ricardo Hubbs / Netflix


    Basil, coriander or whatever he calls himself. It’s on sight!!! #MAIDNetflix #maid

    Twitter: @Iam_SarahTee


    Ths's so sad but fact. They said on avarage it takes women seven tries before leaving an abusive relationship 💔💔 #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @kdramastruggle

    13. Alex's decisions exasperated some viewers too.

    Im getting irritated by Alex's decisions. #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @mizfontella


    Alex is dumb. Dumb AF. Idk if I feel bad for her anymore. She keeps getting chances and she ruins it for the dumb baby daddy. I can’t. #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @JustMe_Vania


    They way every character treats Alex has me PISSED #Maid #MaidNetflix

    Twitter: @gazdutlow


    Why is Alex always the one paying for daycare. Ain’t Sean have shared custody and don’t he have a job too?!? #MAIDNetflix #Maid

    Twitter: @Iam_SarahTee

    17. The show's inspiration will make you melt.

    A photo from the true story that inspired #MAIDNetflix :: here’s my wonderful kid with the herd of ponies (and my huge cup of coffee). Link to buy the book here:

    Twitter: @stepville

    18. Then there's Sean.

    I have never hated a character so much like fucking Sean from Maid, this whole series has me HOT and im only on ep 2 #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @itsninethirty7


    I will jump into this TV and strangle Sean myself He keeps ruining shit for this girl!! #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @forget_xistence


    Sean got her kicked out of her bloody house and he's playing the victim #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @protectSaka


    My face when Sean said he gave Nate the car back. He crazy fr 😭 #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @MiaMondro_xX

    22. Maid can be emotionally perplexing.

    Me EVERY DAMN TIME Alex refused help or made a bad decision #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @TunaTacoTuesday


    Me when Alex found a way to fuck things up with Nate #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @AngieDaCoolNerd


    Her dad sitting there while Sean talks to Alex like that and the fact Sean doesn't need to hide it in front of her dad #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @protectSaka


    Damn Alex’s dad really did a number on his ex-wife #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @DearthJohnny


    Me when I realized Alex started finessing and working for HERSELF #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @theb_standsfor

    27. The stress is too real.

    This show is stressing me out. #MAIDNetflix #maid

    Twitter: @Iam_SarahTee

    28. Andie MacDowell gives a very visceral performance.

    This bitch is a fucking mess! #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @CashMom__


    Andie MacDowell is good at playing a mother you want to throttle the shit out of in #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @moparoyal


    Twitter: @protectSaka


    Me when Alex keeps trying with her mother who’s her biggest abuser.. #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @razamazaz


    Andie and Margaret are fantastic in this series. A mother’s will to survive dealing with abuse and homelessness while trying to deal with her own mother. Great 🎭 #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @Stingrayomega / Ricardo Hubbs / Netflix


    Best gif from #MAIDNetflix award goes to:

    Twitter: @stepville

    34. For many people, the show really hit home.

    Me trying to watch #MAIDNetflix without getting my own flashbacks to our worst experiences in poverty. It NEVER truly leaves you. Ever.

    Twitter: @ClaytonsKitten


    #MAIDNetflix is so damn good. And I hope people realize that this is way too many peoples daily experience. Heartbreaking.

    Twitter: @JessieAngle2

    36. One of the most hard-hitting, profound, and relatable quotes from the show.

    “before they bite they bark, before they hit you they hit near you.” This show is intense. It hits way too close to home and the shit i put up with #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @ClassyCassieB


    So true emotional abuse is the starting point of Domestic Violence. Glad People have started to visualize what abuse women endure. #MAIDNetflix

    Twitter: @MissyMoha

    38. The music also made the show more compelling.

    Also have a deep appreciation for the #MAIDNetflix soundtrack.

    Twitter: @WhyteRae91

    At what moment did you realize you were emotionally invested in Maid? Let us know below in the comments!

    If you or someone you know is in immediate danger as a result of domestic violence, call 911. For anonymous, confidential help, you can call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or chat with an advocate via the website.