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    "The Northman" Accidentally Went Viral For Forgetting Its Movie Title On Posters

    A marketing gimmick or innocuous goof up?

    The Northman is an upcoming epic historical action film that tells a hauntingly visceral tale of betrayal followed by blood-soaked payback. Set in the 10th century against Iceland's volcanoes, craggy beaches, and snowy forests, blood and lava flow profusely as the movie "explores how far a Viking prince will go to seek justice for his murdered father."

    A man wearing a face covering helmet, and two masked and hooded men stand behind him

    The Northman is primarily based on the Norse legend of Prince Amleth (which inspired William Shakespeare's Hamlet) and also draws from Viking folklore.

    Alexander Skarsgård and Anya Taylor-Joy on horsebacks near a river

    Amleth (Alexander Skarsgård) grows up to be a beefy mud-caked Viking berserker who has forgotten his vow. A blind Seeress (Björk) mockingly reminds him of his vow that spurs him to return to his homeland.

    Alexander Skarsgård holds an axe and a sword in his hands standing in a Slavic village in 10th century

    It seems that the makers of The Northman were so engrossed in getting the historical details correct that they overlooked the details of their movie’s poster. Many travelers in New York City noticed that the posters adorning the walls of the subway stations had a glaring omission: The movie title was missing!

    lol they forgot to print the title on the subway ads for The Northman

    Twitter: @JM3K

    Here's another traveller who noticed the same.

    “So you got that poster ready for The Northman?” “Yeah, chief! We already printed it and put it in subways all over New York!” “You made sure the title was on it, right?” “Uhhhhhhhh….”

    Twitter: @parabasis

    Although people were able to recognize the movie, this goof up ensured that the movie goes viral. People started joking that some may mistake the movie's release date or the movie's tagline for its title.

    But the mistake was quickly caught by the producers, and they moved to undo this unintentional viral marketing. They soon put up new posters with the movie name clearly mentioned on them:

    Lmao they fixed The Northman subway posters

    Twitter: @Colleen_Cass

    ...but it was pretty funny while it lasted, right? Did you see the nameless posters before they were swapped out? Let us know in the comments.