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    These "The Harder They Fall" Reactions Are Spot On

    The harder you watch, the harder you love the movie.

    Netflix released the much-awaited The Harder They Fall on their platform last Friday. The movie is a revisionist Western that repurposes real Black and biracial characters from the American West and weaves a fictional story around them.

    9 gunslingers sitting on their horses look into the camera.
    Netflix / Via

    The movie boasts an electric soundtrack and an ensemble cast comprising solely of Black actors led by Idris Elba and Jonathan Majors. Let's see what viewers have to say about the movie.

    Idris Elba saying something.
    Netflix / Via

    1. Well said, Kerry:

    Me to anybody who comes near me and Netflix tonight😂 #THEHARDERTHEYFALL

    Twitter: @kerrywashington

    2. A unique movie:

    #TheHarderTheyFall was pure PERFECTION. I loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT. The acting, the cinematography, the music, the dialogue… EVERYTHING! Just Black greatness all around. A++++

    Twitter: @penntoface


    Me after watching #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @dumashni

    4. Jonathan Majors is becoming a Hollywood heavyweight:

    Ladies AND Gentlemen again let me introduce you to JONATHAN MAJORS!!! #TheHarderTheyFall

    DAVID LEE/NETFLIX / ttps://Twitter: @OneandOnlyBliss

    5. His opening scene was fun to watch:

    -“This is a wanted man. Turn his body in you’ll get $5,000 for your church.” -“Why aren’t you taking him in yourself?” -“I’m worth ten.” #TheHarderTheyFall @NetflixFilm Hot damn, Jonathan Majors is having himself a YEAR.

    DAVID LEE/NETFLIX, Twitter: @grcolombini

    6. Idris Elba kills it too:

    I’m never gonna shut up about Idris Elba in this #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @gellersstan

    7. This is what happens when the most decorated actors in a movie are playing the villains:

    So...wait. I'm supposed be rooting AGAINST Idris Elba and Regina King #TheHarderTheyFall?

    Twitter: @karenhunter

    8. Many people wished Danielle Deadwyler had more screentime:

    Everytime Danielle Deadwyler appeared on screen in #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @MatthewACherry

    9. LaKeith Stanfield carries himself with a style that evokes lethality.

    Say what you want about LaKeith Stanfield, but that man can play a damn role!!!! #TheHarderTheyFall

    DAVID LEE/NETFLIX , Twitter: @RespectThe__GAP


    This man deserves to be the main villain in a movie #TheHarderTheyFall

    DAVID LEE/NETFLIX / Twitter: @imanuelnii

    11. RJ Cyler was another scene stealer:

    Can we give a shoutout to the hometown actor that was in #TheHarderTheyFall? RJ Cyler! Duuuuvvvaaallll

    Twitter: @HendrixMonae


    My favorite character #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @gyaigyimii

    13. Regina King is truly genius:

    There’s a scene in #TheHarderTheyFall where @ReginaKing’s character is sharing a childhood memory while peeling an apple. The way Regina commands that scene is a reminder of her brilliance and why she’s one of the finest actresses of our generation. #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @FilmFatale_NYC

    14. How many of you thought so?

    I know I'm not the only one who thought of Denzel Washington as Malcolm X when Regina King (who played Treacherous Trudy Smith) did this #TheHarderTheyFall

    DAVID LEE/NETFLIX , Twitter: @FarafinMuso

    15. Some appreciation for the people behind the camera:

    Can we get a round of applause for Antoinette Messam the costume designer for #TheHarderTheyFall She did that

    DAVID LEE/NETFLIX, Twitter: @LoveTreonnaJ

    16. We all felt a punch in our gut because of what follows next:

    This scene was low key fucked up😭 #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @Smokeymark42

    17. Truly a moment of triumph:

    When Cuffee said “Beckworth” was faster: #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @MrNelson82

    18. Although, some are not happy with the revisionist approach of the movie:

    I love westerns and I am here for The Harder They Fall. What a cast. Yes, the characters existed. But WTF did they do to Mary Fields? Skin color aside, she worked building houses and delivering mail and fighting off wolves. NOT wearing red corsets and singing in a saloon. Why???

    Twitter: @melodyMcooper

    19. A nice tribute to the King. Wakanda forever:

    The name of the train! 😭😭my heart #TheHarderTheyFall

    Twitter: @Mandie_Mayniac

    How did you feel about The Harder They Fall? Let us know below!