The Cast Of "The Dropout" Compared To The Real-Life People They Play

    The real faces of the participants of this "blood" feud.

    A new series called The Dropout just dropped on Hulu. It tells the sordid saga of the rise and fall of the "entrepreneur" Elizabeth Holmes (and her company Theranos) who duped her way to billions of dollars by throwing dirt in the eyes of Silicon Valley VCs, tech experts, and veteran investors.

    Amanda Seyfried sitting

    To help you enjoy the show fully, here's a list to help you know who are the real counterparts of the TV personas in the show.

    Here's the real Elizabeth Holmes:

    Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes attends the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative Closing Plenary

    And here's Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes:

    Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes

    Here's the real Sunny Balwani:

    Sunny Balwani leaves the Robert F. Peckham US Federal Court

    And here's Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani:

    Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani

    Here's the real Tyler Shultz:

    Tyler Shultz attends the San Francisco Premiere of the Inventor: Out for Blood

    And here's Dylan Minnette as Tyler Shultz:

    Dylan Minnette holds his hands together at the back of his neck

    Here's the real George Shultz:

    George Schultz gives a speech

    And here's Sam Waterston as George Shultz:

    Sam Waterston as George Schultz

    Here's the real-life Dr. Phyllis Gardner:

    Phyllis Gardner addressing people

    And here's Laurie Metcalf as Dr. Phyllis Gardner:

    Laurie Metcalf standing on a path in college

    Here's the real Noel Holmes:

    Noel Holmes, mother of Elizabeth Holmes outside a court

    And here's Elizabeth Marvel as Noel Holmes:

    Elizabeth Marvel in a kitchen

    Here's the real Richard Fuisz:

    Twitter photo of Richard Fuisz

    And here's William H. Macy as Richard Fuisz:

    William H. Macy sitting

    Here's the real Erika Cheung:

    Erika Cheung speaks onstage

    And here's Camryn Mi-Young Kim as Erika Cheung:

    Camryn Mi-Young Kim stands near her station in a chemistry lab

    Here's the real David Boies:

    David Boies attending a function

    And here's Kurtwood Smith as David Boies:

    Kurtwood Smith looks at someone

    Here's the real John Carreyrou:

    John Carreyrou attends a party

    And here's Ebon Moss-Bachrach as John Carreyrou:

    Ebon Moss-Bachrach talks to someone