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    The 20 Best Reactions To "The Adam Project"

    Deadpool teams up with Gamorra and Bruce Banner for time travel.

    The Adam Project, Netflix’s latest film, is a science fiction action comedy. Ryan Reynolds plays Adam Reed, a renegade pilot from 2050, who tries to travel to 2018 but ends up in Rainier, Washington in year 2022 and allies with his younger self (a bracingly funny Walker Scobell) to stop the invention of time travel.

    The movie is directed by Shawn Levy, who directed Reynolds previously in 2021 hit Free Guy.

    Let's check out what the viewers are saying:

    1. To start, this high praise from one comedy star for another:

    Were tears shed while watching #TheAdamProject this weekend? “That’s classified… but yes.” Congratulations and thank you @VancityReynolds you went back in time… and brought back my childhood.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @johnkrasinski

    2. And more common viewers are admiring it as well:

    Wow I just finish watching the Adam Project movie n it was an amazing time travel movie . Ryan Reynolds is a phenomenal actor and both he and the kid who played young Adam made me laugh. It was funny, action- packed n heartwarming.#TheAdamProject

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Paris10574066

    3. It seems many people had a difficult time keeping their eyes dry while watching this "comedy" movie.

    Family and I just finished watching #TheAdamProject and it is truly incredible. Feels like the kinds of movies I grew up with. Also not going to lie, may have bawled my eyes out. Congrats @ShawnLevyDirect @VancityReynolds @MarkRuffalo #JenniferGarner & all involved. Wow.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @joshgad

    4. Some viewers were reminded of their childhood days by the movie that borrows many plot elements from Back To The Future.

    okay, I absolutely adored #TheAdamProject on Netflix. It reminded me of Back to the Future in the best ways. Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell were hilarious together. This kid really out here out Ryan-ing Ryan

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @noradominick

    5. People were very excited that Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner had their first on-screen reunion since 13 Going On 30.

    Jennifer Garner & @MarkRuffalo recreating their iconic couch photo, 18 years later 💖 #TheAdamProject

    Sony Pictures/Netflix / Via Twitter: @madinthemoon

    6. Many viewers felt their palpable chemistry even though they shared the screen for like 2 minutes only:

    jennifer garner and mark ruffalo had only one 2 minute scene in #TheAdamProject and yet they still managed to make my #13goingon30 heart SOAR WITH JOY, the chemistry and magic between them is just as beautiful as it was 18 years ago 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍😭😭😭

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Tiger_lily24

    7. It was epic, unexpected, and fortuitous.

    Zoe Saldana's entrance in the movie is epic! Wife goals! #TheAdamProject

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @ren_grateful

    8. You better wish Chris Pratt doesn't read this tweet:

    Seeing Ryan Reynolds’ and Zoe Saldana’s chemistry in #TheAdamProject, it only reinstates that he should’ve been Starlord. There, I said it.

    Via Twitter: @mdcwrites

    9. Jennifer Garner played the role of a grieving single mother quite touchingly:

    i’m watching #TheAdamProject and jennifer garner is so fucking beautiful omg. i’m obsessed

    Twitter: @rachelweiszmilf

    10. This scene brought tears to many eyes.

    This scene between Jennifer Garner & Ryan Reynolds was so lovely and well done. ❤ #TheAdamProject

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @_danielle1992_

    11. Catherine Keener's younger self did feel a bit weird to look at:

    Can't get over how badly they botched the deaging of Catherine Keener's character in The Adam Project, she looks like a Sim 😂 #TheAdamProject

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @bashful_michael

    12. And as such, Catherine Keener's de-aging has generated more chatter than her performance.

    *sees cgi Catherine Keener* #TheAdamProject

    Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @JoeSheaFilm

    13. Mark Ruffalo has now perfected the art of playing mad scientists.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @hourlyruffalo

    14. Hulk and Deadpool walk into an elevator together...

    Just Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds being a chaotic father and son + Walker #TheAdamProject #Hulk #deadpool #ryanreynolds #markruffalo #mcu #netflix #marvel #movieclips @MarkRuffalo @VancityReynolds

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @eunwooxevans

    15. This scene had no dialogues but spoke loudly:

    #TheAdamProject this shot alone could kill me in a second

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @michaelsdundie

    16. This scene had me in splits:

    Ok but this is the most cutest and funniest photos of @VancityReynolds and Walker Scobell tho😭😂 #TheAdamProject ...i love the little characters it have for The Adam Project everytime you hashtag it or pong sign

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Livryanreynolds

    17. Ryan Reynolds once again beguiles the viewers:

    #TheAdamProject on #Netflix was soooo good! I laughed, I cried, and then I watched it again. @RyanReynolds is spectacular in this movie!!

    Via Twitter: @mrsmmickens

    18. How many of you got this?

    absolutely loved this little This is Where I Leave You easter egg in #TheAdamProject 🥰

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @tayloremrose

    19. Who's gonna win? Hulk or Deadpool?

    This scene is about to be ICONIC! #TheAdamProject

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @____ee____

    20. Well, his role in MCU must've been great practice:

    Mark Ruffalo plays the shit out of a scientist 👏🏽👏🏽 #TheAdamProject

    Twitter: @jenlyn_lucas