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    The 20 Best Reactions To Hulu's Latest Horror Movie, "Fresh"

    How far would you go to get fresh meat?

    Fresh from the Hulu oven is the comedy-horror movie Fresh. Starring Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones as a newly dating couple, the movie sheds light (and blood) on the pitfalls of the modern dating scene, especially for single women.

    Daisy Edgar-Jones in a grocery shop

    Let's take a look at some of the reactions this movie has generated.

    Jonica T Gibbs talking on mobile phone

    1. This is actually a good summary of the movie.

    Fresh is genuinely disturbing and unsettling and at times nauseating but I couldn’t look away for a second! Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones are incredible in it and the story blew me away! Highly recommend, streaming on Hulu this Friday #FreshMovie

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @jeff_this

    2. The French have the unique talent of making something disturbing a masterpiece.

    fresh (2022) is a cool movie but u can tell a real sicko didn't make this movie, let any random depraved french person of any gender make this and we have a masterpiece

    Via Twitter: @sum1saiditinnit

    3. Some viewers are apparently obsessed with the movie.

    i will never stop talking about fresh. like everything about it is completely outstanding to me. the direction by mimi, SEB AND DAISYS PERFORMANCES??!! the soundtrack, the editing, the colour grading, the cinematography the writing, the pace???? i could go on FOREVER #FreshMovie

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @buckysharper

    4. Yeah, the delayed title screen was distracting and odd.


    Twitter: @ohGodJAMnit

    5. Exactly — that's why Noa fell in his trap.

    Sebastian Stan in #FreshMovie is simply dangerously impossible to resist... 🔥👑🔥 #SebastianStan

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @theradrady

    6. Fans are raving about the movie. Strong praise.

    #Fresh is an absolute masterpiece. I can’t remember the last time a movie got such a wild reaction out of me. Performances by everyone were impeccable. Every single shot was a work of art. A fucked up piece of perfection.

    Twitter: @JennaNunziato

    7. Bucky is the Winter Butcher in the movie.

    watching this movie fresh on hulu. winter soldier cut this girls ass off so he could sell it

    Twitter: @_DelaMan

    8. Mollie was the critical cog in the movie.

    fresh, in summary, mollie carried the whole movie 💅🏼

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @buckyrush

    9. And if you have a friend like Mollie in your life, you are super lucky.

    Noa from Fresh, really didn’t deserve Mollie as her best friend. You should LISTEN to your (black) FRIENDS when they TELL YOU something is UP!

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @JustinCentric

    10. He gave her the whole talk about true love.

    Proof that men are delusional. You cut off a chick's ass and then expect that she really wants to date you. #FreshMovie

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @amusawale

    11. That was a disturbing reveal too.

    The fact that his wife is in on it too!!! I can’t #FreshMovie

    Via Twitter: @47sDope

    12. This is how handsome guys trap you.

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @mrsvanillaice

    13. Surprisingly, Steve/Brendan wasn't organ harvesting.

    Twitter: @LuciferAirways

    14. Daisy Edgar-Jones' performance reminded me of her in Normal People.

    Daisy Edgar Jones, I love you 🥰 #FreshMovie

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @autumnvelvets

    15. Well, this is exactly what Steve imagined himself to be doing.

    #FreshMovie spoilers. Just mute the audio & you will see a charming & caring bf who cooked expensive food for his gf 🙃🔪🔪 #SebastianStan #Fresh #Hulu

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @LovelyBunny329

    16. This was a nice detail. That's some good foreshadowing.

    I didn’t catch this on the first viewing but the Fresh Meats sign above Noa’s head is a genius touch #FreshMovie

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @wanderingfan10

    17. I was shocked after Noa's "bite."

    My reaction to everything after the dance scene: #FreshMovie

    Mewatch / Via Twitter: @IIhoneydrop

    18. It seems this dance has its own separate fanbase.

    Will be doing this dance til further notice #Freshmovie @hulu

    Hulu / Via Twitter: @NoorAlmuzaffar

    19. It must be have been so difficult for her, especially with half a butt.

    SPOILERS #FreshMovie Noa planning how to girlboss gaslight Steve into falling in love with her so she can set herself and the other survivor girlies free

    Twitter: @deepcherrywaves

    20. And finally, this truth:

    Me: Should I give online dating another go? Me after watching #FreshMovie:

    Twitter: @W