These 18 Reactions To "Starstruck" Season 2 Prove That Rose Matafeo Is Simply A Genius

    You would be awestruck by this spectacular comedy.

    Starstruck is back with its second season. The show, created by and starring New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo, follows a woman named Jessie living in London who has a one-night stand only to later discover that he is a famous movie star.

    Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel stand in front of a house

    Season 1 saw them pair dating, growing closer, and getting comfortable with each other, despite having completely disparate lives and background.

    Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel are sitting in a bar

    Let's see what the viewers are saying:

    1. First of all, people have very strong emotions for the show.

    Absolutely obsessed with #Starstruck on HBOMax. I don’t want to wait a whole year for season 3 😩 Rose Matafeo + Nikesh Patel are just perfection

    Twitter: @rebekkaelisabet

    2. Some people will watch it just for the lead pair.

    Starstruck is so delightful I would happily watch Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel be coupley and crack wise for a solid hour each week, no need for plot, just fun chat and intermittent smooches

    Twitter: @theqza

    3. Those who haven't finished the series don't know how big a pool of riotous laughter they are missing.

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Seriously S2 of Starstruck is ridiculously good and full to the brim with gems like this - binge it immediately coz @Rose_Matafeo @driverminnie & Alice Snedden are basically the best there is @HBO #StarstruckHBO

    Twitter: @MsKateRodger / HBO Max

    4. The show is so addictive that you can't help bingeing it.

    Yet again I have binged a season of #StarStruckHBO

    Twitter: @DebbieOE

    5. There's immense praise for Rose Matafeo.

    Rose Matafeo is just so charming. Like another reason why romcoms dont get made anymore is they live and die on their leads and very few actors can convincingly play “loveable kook” anymore. But she can.

    Twitter: @surlybassey

    6. I wish there were more comedian-actors like her.

    Just finished Starstruck season 2 and Rose Matafeo is amazing! This is easily one of my favorite shows

    BBC Three / Via Twitter: @samiabossee

    7. Nikesh Patel is charm deluge.

    More Starstruck means more Nikesh Patel to thirst after.

    BBC Three / Via Twitter: @ckimberlinjr

    8. The supporting actor, Emma Sidi, has done a great job.

    Also very much enjoying everything Emma Sidi is doing as Kate (particularly in Episode 3 with the extremely relatable hat chat). #Starstruck

    Twitter: @frazbelina

    9. And people are praising Minnie Driver's role, too.

    There are so many things to love about the new season of #Starstruck, but Russell Tovey as the brash asshat director is 😘 perfection If he’s ever in a scene with Minnie Driver’s manager character, I will spontaneously combust from joy

    Twitter: @moryan

    10. Minnie Driver's cameos have made Season 2 extra fun.

    @driverminnie MINNIE you are ✨perfection✨ in starstruck. I am so glad I hadn’t seen the show until now because it’s all I would’ve talked to you about 🤩

    Twitter: @katienolan

    11. Some viewers have already devoured the episodes.

    I already finished both seasons of #starstruckhbo and now I want more

    Canal+ / Via Twitter: @newheroes26

    12. And they're already clamoring for a season 3.

    So i really like this show and demand a S3 .. well i didnt finish the second season yet but I'm invested anyway #StarStruckHBO

    Twitter: @Blewis81

    13. Someone who realized just in time what they were missing.

    Can't believe I managed to miss #starstruck all this time.... binge watching this evening has been an evening well spent.... what else have I been missing??? What is is about @itvhub that's just not as luring as @All4 and @BBCiPlayer ?!?

    Twitter: @ReeceFitzgerald

    14. People didn't like one bearded character...

    who is this DORK trying to wedge between rose and nikesh on starstruck I HATE HIM he's got a DUMB BEARD and BAD HAIR

    Twitter: @davidlsims

    15. This is quite a statement.

    Just want to say that I think the kiss in the lake at the end of S2 of #StarStruckHBO is maybe the most romantic thing on tv

    Twitter: @schilukuri1

    16. When dialogue writer and deliverer are made for each other.

    Rose Matafeo and her team give him *the best* one liners and Nikesh Patel executes them so well ugh. P.S.—this tweet means that I've watched season 2 of #Starstruck in less than a day

    Twitter: @fun_for_loie

    17. The hazards of binge watching Starstruck:

    The problem with bingeing Starstruck is that now I'm in love with Rose Matafeo. Ok - and Nikesh Patel a little bit too.

    Twitter: @MrEFinch

    18. Overall, there's a strong demand for Season 3 and, of course, more Minnie Driver.

    I just finished Starstruck season 2 and I really need there to be a season 3 so Jessie can walk the walk. Also more Minnie Driver please. #Starstruck

    Twitter: @LauraMeetWorld