Viewers Are Gushing Over Netflix's Rom-Com "A Perfect Pairing"

    Get seduced by sheep and wines down under.

    Netflix's latest movie, A Perfect Pairing, is a light-hearted romantic movie that is best enjoyed with the commodity that its protagonist is trying to market: wine.

    Victoria Justice talks to someone

    Victoria Justice plays Lola, who flies to Australia to secure the rights to an upscale wine brand and ends up working on a sheep farm run by a rugged and handsome local, Max (Adam Demos).

    Adam Demos and Victoria Justice look at someone

    Let's take a look at what the viewers are saying about the movie.

    1. Memes are tumbling out.

    This picture is so cute and I'm gonna use it a lot from now @VictoriaJustice #APerfectPairing #APerfectPairingNetflix

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Loritweeting

    2. Can a rom-com make you cry? Apparently so.

    I legit cried twice over watching #APerfectPairingNetflix and Victoria Justice + Adam Devos have insane chemistry🤩🤩

    Twitter: @rach_wanderer

    3. The Perfect Pairing apparently has got everything perfect.

    This is a fun rom-com! Victoria Justice is an underrated actor and she has great chemistry with her co-star, Adam Demos. #APerfectPairingNetflix

    Twitter: @TheSteveSanders


    #APerfectPairingNetflix seems like every other original rom-com by the streaming service. But... I'll say it has its moments. The conflict at the end tho? Unnecessary

    Twitter: @amanda_2626


    I enjoyed watching ‘A Perfect Pairing’ starring Victoria Justice. It had me cheesin throughout the movie ☺️ My favorite part was hearing Lola sing 🎶

    Twitter: @PinkFieldz


    a perfect pairing debuting with 33 million hours viewed in its first 4 days makes complete sense because victoria is that girl.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @haizyvictoria

    7. Viewers can't get enough of Adam Demos.

    This Australian guy in “Falling Inn Love”, “A Perfect Pairing” and “Sex/Life” is my new movie crush.😍 I don’t know if it’s his accent or looks 😍

    Twitter: @BernieWanzie

    8. Many pointed out the amazing chemistry of Victoria Justice and Adam Demos.

    🎥 A Perfect Pairing Victoria Justice&Adam Demos Chemistry!!! 🥰💓

    Twitter: @shainaestallo

    9. Another constant refrain from viewers is that the movie as a whole is cute.

    a perfect pairing is so cute 🥺

    Twitter: @asdfghjustice

    10. Keep 'em coming Netflix. Your rom-coms may be somewhat cheesy but that's what we need.

    A perfect pairing, along for the ride…okay keep it coming netflix i need more romcom/teen movies please!!

    Twitter: @ziqohhh

    11. The predictability of the plot nowhere interferes with the enjoyability of the movie.

    If you’re into sappy, predictable but super cute romance movies, check out A Perfect Pairing on Netflix. You should like it

    Twitter: @TheOluwabukunmi

    12. Some had a different kind of grouse with the movie.

    Got 2 minutes into that A perfect pairing film on Netflix and stopped. The apparent wine expert was holding a glass so poorly, I figured I would stop. I think those things should be picked up on. #callmepicky

    Twitter: @Photos_in_Chile

    13. All those lament that the rom-com genre has withered will certainly be delighted by this movie.

    You guys have been complaining that the romcom is genre needs to make a comeback well here’s an excellent recommendation A perfect pairing Victoria absolutely shines in this movie!

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @findingjewels_

    14. Unsurprisingly, the movie has climbed to the top of Netflix charts.

    Yay for this! A Perfect Pairing is on Netflix! Thank you to everyone who has watched.

    Twitter: @LizHackett

    15. Told ya, the cheesiness just adds to the flavour.

    Just watched A Perfect Pairing and I personally thought it was really cute 😍 Victoria Justice is gorgeous as always and Adam Demos is supah fineeee 🪄 The storyline/plot was refreshing and I generally enjoyed the cheesy & romantic winery movie 🍷🍇

    Twitter: @farahnaviza

    16. A perfect treat for Victoria Justice fans.

    I swear i love every Victoria Justice movie. #APerfectPairing was cute 🥺

    Twitter: @xomypinkdiaryy

    17. Not the bait-and-switch:

    #APerfectPairing really had me thinking he was going with his sister lmfaoo

    Twitter: @anchors_ahoy

    18. Seems some are addicted to the movie.

    Feel like I’m about to watch #APerfectPairing for the third time which is unhinged

    Twitter: @Kiwi67_

    19. The best way to enjoy this movie may be obvious.

    A perfect pairing Worth watching on Weekends with glass of wine❤️ @netflix

    Twitter: @dendrophillee