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    These Reactions Prove That "Our Flag Means Death" Is The Next Comedy Jackpot From HBO

    What if pirates had 21st-century corporate values on their ships?

    If you were feeling maudlin because Peacemaker has ended, then HBO Max's new show Our Flag Means Death has got you covered. It's a period comedy set in the 18th century that melds The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Two men on a pirate ship in the 18th century

    Supporting the gentleman pirate is a motley crew of oddballs and misfits played by some popular actors, including Kristian Nairn, famous for his role as Hodor in Game of Thrones.

    The crew of a pirate ship looks at someone

    Let's see what the people are saying about the new series:

    1. Plain and pure praise for the series.

    Our Flag Means Death is like, really good

    Twitter: @Gingerhazing

    2. I'm glad that this show is providing wholesome entertainment.

    our flag means death really is my new comfort show and i’m about to make it my entire personality 💅

    Twitter: @djarinsaragorn

    3. His acting and direction are not the only thing that Waititi is winning plaudits for.

    Taika Waititi has no right to look this good as Blackbeard on Our Flag Means Death

    Aaron Epstein / HBO Max / Via Twitter: @aikohwrites

    4. It's a very different and interesting love story.

    our flag means death spoilers greatest love story. ever.

    HBO Twitter: @mchaleselphie

    5. The real flag:

    Twitter: @mchaleselphie

    6. The show says everything without being explicit.

    taika waititi and rhys darby in our flag means death

    Dave HD Twitter: @batmadmarie

    7. Rhys Darby is the perfect gentleman for a gentle pirate.

    Our Flag Means Death on HBO Max is hilarious and perfect. Rhys Darby as a gentleman pirate is the absolute best. Can’t wait for more. (PS Holy shit it’s based on a true story. I just googled for a pic to add to this tweet and am officially down the wiki rabbit hole.)

    HBO Twitter: @thirstybats

    8. It's a "gay pirate" show.

    Are we all watching Our Flag Means Death…the best gay pirate show

    Twitter: @bigrowdydemon

    9. Advance orders from fans have started rolling in.

    going to require at least 5 seasons of our flag means death, thank you

    Twitter: @emdadock

    10. Evangelism for Our Flag Means Death.

    i've succesfully made three ppl watch our flag means death i feel so powerful

    Twitter: @vilbbit

    11. The show just keeps on getting better.

    each our flag means death episode is funnier, better and gayer than the last, this is insane

    Twitter: @chaoticmulaney

    12. The show did throw some surprises.

    i did not go into "our flag means death" expecting to ship anything but here we are

    Twitter: @invalidFungus

    13. Some have apparently waited their entire life for a show like this.

    Our Flag Means Death is the queer pirate romp I’ve waited my entire life for

    Twitter: @rad_dadical

    14. A comedy show can be as beautiful and touching as a serious drama movie.

    this shot alone is a reason to watch our flag means death tbh

    HBO / Via Twitter: @nadjasroyco

    15. Big win for representation!

    Jim from Our Flag Means Death is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns! (canon)

    HBO Twitter: @yourfaveisnby

    16. The more you watch, the gayer it gets.

    i know people were saying our flag means death is gay, and it was already gay in the first three episodes, but i didn’t realized how much gayer it was going to get godbless

    Twitter: @wills_axe

    17. Big is better!

    Our Flag Means Death taught me a very important lesson tonight. Don’t be passive aggressive. Be massive aggressive.

    Twitter: @Hawaiijeno

    18. The title cards make it look like an eerie pirate adventure series.

    our flag means death title cards appreciation tweet 🏴‍☠️

    HBO / Via Twitter: @jojorbbit

    19. This dialogue makes a BIG point. The character being referred to is played by a nonbinary actor.

    I’m literally sobbing at the fact that our flag means death gave us nonbinary rep in a completely normal way, like everyone is respectful and normal about using they/them pronouns

    HBO / Via Twitter: @GAYMURD0CK

    20. Oh my god! Pyramid scheme here too?

    The "pyramid scheme" in our flag means death is fucking killing me

    Twitter: @LapisLunaris

    21. And finally, prepare to laugh if you watch the series:

    i cant get through one episode of our flag means death without pausing to laugh every 30 seconds i LOVE THIS SHOW

    Twitter: @wheeinsjoy