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Morgue Workers Are Revealing The How Humans Behave Once They Are Dead

The morgue is dark and full of stories.

Redditor u/taladan asked the question, "Morticians and morgue workers of Reddit: What's the creepiest or weirdest thing you've ever had to deal with?"

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Morgue workers told stories that may scare the living daylights out of anyone:

1. "My grandfather was a funeral director, and my dad worked there as a kid. He said it wasn't uncommon for a body to exhale suddenly, sometimes with some vocalization."

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2. "Rigor mortis can sometimes make a body sit up in a funeral home or morgue (depending on where it sets in)."

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3. "One thing that happens that people might not realize is that purge fluid can leave acid burns on your face. It can be unsettling to see on a natural death."

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4. "My dad picked up a body from a nursing home, and when he went to make the incision the lady moaned and blood starting coming out of the incision. He called the nursing home, who apparently made a mistake."

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"They sent the ambulance to the funeral home and took her back to the nursing home where she actually expired a few hours later." —u/Bripirate

5. "I work in the lab and got a set of testicles and penis because a mental patient jumped out of the second story window at the institution. Jesus had apparently told him to tie his junk to the doorknob before he did it."

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6. "I'm not one but I worked with a former one, and she mentioned that they had a surprising amount of forgotten dead baby bodies they had no idea what to do with."


7. "Once we got one so far decomposed that the medical examiner didn’t even bother stitching them up after the autopsy. I can still smell that one."

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"And sometimes the body looks fine and all, but they PURGE like hell. I’m getting nauseous thinking about the colors, smells, and noises from purges." —u/MasticatingMuskOx  

8. "The other day I swore I heard someone cough in the back office while I was supposed to be alone in the building."

"The creepiest stuff to me is when we get gruesome deaths. I never thought I’d have to see bodies in the state that I’ve seen some bodies." —u/MasticatingMuskOx

9. "My cousin is a cop and got in a load of trouble one time. The alarm went off at the funeral home late one night, so he went in to check it out, and a dead body sat straight up fast as fuck, and he shot it."

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10. "A guy tried to steal the body of some girl. He was her ex and decided it was his divine right to bury her in his yard instead of her husband of a year. He kicked in the door when the hall was clear, put her in a wheelchair, then tried to sneak her out of the store loading dock."

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"He was stopped only because 'patients are not allowed to exit through these doors, sir,' and had to leave through the front lobby, where he was recognized by a family friend." —u/suitology

Do you have any notable stories from the morgue? Share them in the comments below.

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