19 “Mare Of Easttown” Behind-The-Scenes Facts Every Fan Needs To Know

    Here's what went into the making of the show.

    The finale of the hit miniseries Mare of Easttown aired this Sunday, bringing a jaw-dropping and satisfactory end to this HBO crime drama.

    Mare of Easttown key art

    Academy Award winner and acting juggernaut Kate Winslet features in the titular role as a gloomy, stoic, wisecracking, emotionally reclusive, divorced, middle-aged cop mom who is also a grandma to a 4-year-old boy.

    Close-up of Kate Winslet as Mare

    Supporting her in the investigations is Detective Colin Zabel (Evan Peters) while Mare jumps through hoops to prevent her personal life from falling apart.

    Evan Peters and Kate Winslet in a bar

    1. There is a real Easttown.

    Journalist Laura Pullman, who visited Easttown, with two police officers of Easttown

    2. But most of the show was not actually shot in Easttown.

    Mare putting Cheez Whiz on cheeseballs

    3. The actual Easttown police helped Ingelsby enhance the show's verisimilitude.

    A screengrab from Mare of Easttown showing Mare and the chief of police

    4. The show marks Winslet's first time as an executive producer.

    Kate Winslet talking about herself reading the script, saying, "I sat up till the early hours of the morning"

    5. The show's creator grew up there. (Well, almost there!)

    The show creator Brad Ingelsby grew up nearby

    6. This is the second time that Winslet has appeared in a TV series.

    Kate Winslet under an umbrella in Mare of Easttown

    7. The show was influenced by Broadchurch...and other series.

    Cast of the British TV series Broadchurch

    8. There's a lot of local food product placement.

    One of the many times Mare is seen with Wawa coffee

    9. Evan Peters was shootingWandaVision at the same time.

    Colin Zabel (Evan Peters) clinking Rolling Rock beer with Mare (Kate Winslet)

    10. Winslet hid in the trunk of a car during an intimate scene.

    The scene where Kate Winslet hid in the trunk of a car

    11. This was the first time Winslet had held a gun.

    Mare (Kate Winslet) holding a gun in the miniseries

    12. Winslet aced the Delco accent.

    Winslet's dialect coach, Susan Hegarty

    13. Winslet's hair was deliberately done badly.

    Mare in one of her disheveled looks

    14. This is only the second time Winslet and Guy Pearce have worked together.

    Scene where Mare (Kate Winslet meets Richard (Guy Pearce).

    15. On the set, it was testing, testing, and more testing.

    Shooting crew all masked up

    16. Thanks to the quarantine, Winslet and Pearce got to celebrate their birthdays together.

    Mare and Richard enjoying a dance

    17. One of the cast members died while the shooting was suspended.

    The late Phyllis Somerville in her last role as Betty Carroll

    18. The surname of Peters' character may have been inspired by a real family.

    I’ve learned that the #MareOfEasttown creator/writer Brad Ingelsby was friendly with one of my siblings when they were growing up - fitting the Mare theme of everyone in Delco knowing each other - and my guess is Ingelsby pulled names from his own experience, as writers do. https://t.co/SVghzWEQOe

    Via Twitter: @MikeZabel

    Since the show draws heavily from Ingelsby's experiences growing up in the Delco area, there's a strong possibility that the surname of Peters' character, "Zabel," was inspired by the Zabel family who resides in the area, of which state Rep. Mike Zabel is a member. Zabel told a reporter, "We are the only Zabels in Delco. Have been the only Zabels in Delco since Brad was there." He also tweeted with additional information.

    19. And finally, there is a real "Mare"!

    End credits where Christine Bleiler has been credited as one of the police tech advisers