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    These 17 Moments Made John Cena's Character In "The Suicide Squad"

    Meet DC's new good-bad boy.

    The latest movie to come out of DC's stable, The Suicide Squad, brought back some characters from Suicide Squad and introduced us to a battery of new characters. One of them was the Peacemaker, portrayed on screen by John Cena.

    4 humans and a shark-man standing on a beach

    Peacemaker first appeared in 1966 as a character from Charlton Comics. When DC later acquired them, Peacemaker went into DC's bag.

    A man wearing a helmet

    John Cena described his character as "a loud obnoxious bro-ey douchebag".

    A man wearing a bucket like helmet pointing gun at someone.

    Let's take a look at some of the best moments of Peacemaker in the movie The Suicide Squad.

    1. Peacemaker usually behaves like a school kid who is trying hard to be at the top of the class.

    A man walking in prison clothes

    2. And he's sarcastic.

    Two prisoners and a woman looking discussing

    3. Perhaps something we all can relate to.

    Two prisoners and a woman looking at something

    4. And he's observant.

    A man taking notes

    5. Peacemaker's commitment to preserving peace can apparently make him eat male genitalia.

    Two men arguing in a forest

    6. This reminds you of Lt Col Kilgore's famous line about napalm from Apocalypse Now.

    A man saying something.

    7. He wears the best costume to fight in: tighty whities.

    3 men standing.

    8. His obsession with peace is really gruesome.

    4 people sitting and talking

    9. This was one of the morbidly funny scenes — Cena hacks the sleeping guy as if cutting a moist dough.

    A man hacking a sleeping person with an axe

    10. "Ahh, nothing to see here. Just causally picking my nose while I massacre a camp of resistance fighters."

    A man picking his nose while his teammate looks on.

    11. Who said no one likes a show off?

    A man chatting with another man.

    12. Peacemaker is a team player. More on that later.

    A man saying something.

    13. And an awkward-but-cute dancer as well.

    A man and woman dancing in a club with other people.

    14. His desperate attempt to drive the van through the hole was hilarious.

    A man's arm sticking out of a large hole

    15. Now you know what his helmet means.

    A man wearing a bucket like helmet.

    16. Peacemaker can be nasty when it comes to protecting peace. Team spirit can take a hike.

    A man pointing a gun at his teammate.

    17. Peacemaker doesn't take prisoners.

    A man pointing a gun at someone lying on the floor.