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    22 Tweets That Prove "FBoy Island" Is The Funniest Reality Show This Summer

    Say hello to the Bumble of reality shows.

    The streaming platform that gave us Made For Love and Love Life has brought us a dating reality series that supposedly revolves around love, FBoy Island.

    Title card of the show
    HBO Max / Via

    The brain behind this HBO Max show is Elan Gale, best known for giving us The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The show's name aptly describes what it offers. For those who haven't watched it yet, the show is a mix of Love Island and Too Hot To Handle

    The show revolves around three women looking for true love and 24 men who have made themselves available for selection.

    A group of men walking on a beach
    HBO Max / Via

    Of the 24 men, twelve are self-declared nice guys and the other twelve are self-declared philanderers aka "fboys." The women try to date whom they think are nice guys while the fboys are hoping to win $100,000. Here's an explainer about how the show works. 

    Here are some of the early reactions on the new series:

    1. It's messy. I hope you read the rules.

    Casey: I’d like mutual respect CJ: #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @delmahabadi

    2. Strong feelings about CJ!

    The way Casey READ CJ LIKE A MF BOOK and im HERE for it!!! 😭 #FBOYISLAND CJ pissed me off from the jump.

    Twitter: @DiorrNelly


    CJ yelling Pterodactyl in the middle of her convo with Peter sent me 😂 #FBOYIsland

    Twitter: @LeChynnadoll


    The fact that I could tell Casey was an Fboy from the get go and he was still my favourite just proves I don’t deserve nice things 🚮🤡 #FBOYIsland

    Twitter: @r_pabatso


    Twitter: @_WanShiTong


    How is Casey gonna be upset that he got eliminated when he was an FBOY lmao the audacity to go on a rant. #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @Lilyanag3


    But I mean did Casey lie…🤣 #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @ashhhh_____


    Calling it now... the twist is going to be that CJ is an Fgirl. #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @whit_danhauer


    The drama of CJ showing up in a sexy mourning outfit- with veil - after Casey told her he wanted to be equals #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @alexmadge


    Me, at the end of episode 4, knowing there’s gonna be some plot twist fuckery during the fboy ceremony™ and yet somehow being wildly surprised every time #FBOYISLAND #ad

    Twitter: @BrettSVergara


    Matt after spilling the tea #fboyisland

    Twitter: @mrbeaupoli


    Casey escaping F-Boy purgatory to reclaim the woman he just dragged in front of everyone? Ok then! #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @DoctorKC2016


    Sitting here watching Nakia make all these terrible decisions on #FBOYISLAND like

    Twitter: @TheKeegasaurus


    The FBoy support group is amazing 😂😂#FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @KatKardashy


    Josh sitting there in the boat listening to Sarah talk about Garrett the entire time on their date trying to keep his cool like #FBOYISLAND #ad

    Twitter: @BrettSVergara


    When the girls keep going for obvious fboys #FBoyIsland

    Twitter: @staceymiguel


    It seems like Sarah is falling for Garrett’s tears and I just... #fboyisland

    Twitter: @driagee123



    Twitter: @shegotasoftlife

    19. Well you are not alone.

    Me when New Jarred revealed he was actually a nice guy on #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @kreidy_b


    Lmao at them reviewing their socials and still not being able to see 🚩after 🚩after🚩after 🚩after 🚩#FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @xAMFMx


    Nakia, why is OG Jared still here! #FBOYISLAND

    Twitter: @shegotasoftlife

    22. Pretty sure this gonna be renewed.

    alright i’ve seen enough. we can renew #FBOYISLAND for 15 seasons and several spin offs

    Twitter: @carowine