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    It's Best To Buy These 18 Things On The Expensive Side Instead Of Buying Cheap

    Some things are really worth the high price.

    Redditor u/biancalin asked a very insightful question: "What’s one thing you’re always willing to pay the extra price for?" The answers that came were quite informative and will surely help you get something better and worth the money.

    1. "Movers."

    Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

    "Having them put your furniture in a truck, drive it to your location, and put it in your new place. It’s great not having a sore back when it’s stressful enough to move." —u/Zolome1977

    2. "A haircut."

    Hello Giggles / Via

    "Average hairstylists always fuck up my hair, and it's always such a risk." —u/MansonsDaughter

    3. "My glasses."

    Luis Alvarez / Getty Images

    "I have one lens that’s Coke bottle in size, and if I don’t go for basically all of the features and a good frame, they’re going to be uncomfortable as fuck for the two years until my insurance helps pay for another pair." —u/talex365

    4. "A bra."

    Vogue / Via

    "As a lady with rather generously sized boobs, I'm accustomed, and happy, to pay through the nose for a really good bra. The difference it can make to my day is worth every penny." —u/CourtneyFish-Lately

    5. "Good pots and pans. Like real heavy-duty stuff."

    Fabrikacr / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    "I’ve got some pretty decent stainless steel, but by far my favorite are always my Le Creuset stuff. I only have four pieces, and I always found them on sale." —u/LaurenShisler

    6. "Headphones."

    NBC / Via

    "I'm never going back to anything cheap." —u/Moeman101

    7. "Running shoes."

    Freshsplash / Getty Images

    "If you're serious about running, pay for best shoe because your knees are going to thank you." —u/Nikakav90

    8. "Toilet paper. There's nothing worse than cheap toilet paper."

    9. "Holidays or short adventures with friends."

    Marko Geber / Getty Images

    10. "Condoms."

    Hulu / Via

    11. "Tattoos from an artist that knows what they're doing."

    Viceland / Via

    12. "Motorcycle helmets."

    CBS / Via

    "You don’t need the most expensive helmet, but you should pay what it takes to get something with a decent certification (SNELL, ECE, FIM) and not just DOT. Some technologies like MIPS are also well worth the extra spend." —u/Bicameral_vtec

    13. "Winter tires — or tires in general."

    a low view of a car's tires with snow and ice
    Rbkomar / Getty Images

    14. "A really good-quality winter coat or jacket. To me, it's definitely worth the investment if you live in a country that gets cold winters."

    BRIT Awards / Via

    "Here in Ireland, it doesn't snow much in winter due to us being a small island, but we get very cold winters and very wet ones, so you get really cold rain. Paying extra for a really good-quality, warm, and waterproof coat makes SUCH a difference if you're out and about a lot like I am. It pays for itself because it can last you years." —u/LasRua

    15. "Direct flights instead of cheaper ones with layovers, 'connections,' or 'stops.'"

    Hispanolistic / Getty Images

    16. "A good plumber — water damage sucks."

    17. "Maple syrup."

    18. "Electronics. It's better to pay 50 more bucks than for it to break the next day."

    Zf L / Getty Images

    What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments.