17 Celebs Who Won't Leave Their Kids An Inheritance

    Time to give it back.

    1. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

    A man and a woman

    2. Jackie Chan

    A man pointing to a picture he his holding in his other hand

    3. Bill Gates

    A man speaking

    4. Gordon Ramsay

    5. Simon Cowell

    A man smiling

    6. Marie Osmond

    A woman singing

    7. Daniel Craig

    A man

    8. Sir Elton John

    A man holding an award

    9. Sting

    10. George Lucas

    A man holding an award

    11. Kevin O'Leary

    A man siting

    12. Mark Zuckerberg

    13. Laurene Powell Jobs

    A woman giving speech

    14. Michael Bloomberg

    A man playing golf

    15. MacKenzie Scott

    16. Andrew Lloyd Webber

    A man and a woman standing

    17. Bernard Marcus

    A man giving speech