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    The Sex Scene From "Brand New Cherry Flavor" Is Shocking — Here Are 19 People Who Witnessed It For Themselves

    Have an antiemetic at hand before you watch it.

    There are very few shows that come with an 18+ rating due to all of these: sex, nudity, graphic violence, substance abuse, and animal harm. Netflix's deranged horror series Brand New Cherry Flavor is one of them.


    Based on Todd Grimson’s 1996 novel of the same name, Brand New Cherry Flavor tells the story of a female director (Rosa Salazar) who comes to Los Angeles and embarks on a path of vengeance after being wronged by a film producer.

    A group of people gather around an art piece composed of a human head with fingers jutting out from it

    Although the show had premiered on Netflix in August 2021, it's seeing a robust resurgence in pop culture because of a certain sex scene that's been deemed way too much.

    ROSA SALAZAR and JEFF WARD at a party

    Let's see what the viewers who have newly discovered the show are saying about THE scene:

    1. Apparently, it was a TikTok video that led so many unassuming viewers into this pit of depravity.

    Minding my own business on TikTok til a video popped up telling me to Go watch #BrandNewCherryFlavor episode 4, 35 minutes in … JESUS FUCKING CHRIST BABY JESUS MOTHER MARY OF BETHLEHEM

    Twitter: @KeyleaHowson

    2. Now you know exactly where to find this golden scene.

    The most disgusting heterosexual sex scene I have ever seen is in a Netflix show called Brand new cherry flavour. Episode 4, 35th minute.

    Twitter: @IamEkene_

    3. Look at his horrified and shocked face:

    The face of someone who watched episode 4, 35 mins in of #BrandNewCherryFlavor I do NOT recommend.. go straight from episode 3 to 5 please.

    Twitter: @gumbleplays

    4. This dude almost puked.

    I was watching brand new cherry flavour on Netflix and this sex scene came on…I almost vomited

    Fox / Via Twitter: @Niggaolas

    5. This is what it looks like to watch that scene! Do you have what it takes to watch it?

    So, there’s a show on Netflix called #BrandNewCherryFlavor, and in episode 4, minute 35, there is a deeply messed up sex scene (consensual). This is my and @AndreaWarhole’s blind reaction to it.


    6. I don't think bleach would be enough, though.

    Me after watching THAT part of episode 4 of brand new cherry flavour

    Fox / Via Twitter: @Aceypoo4

    7. Some people, it seems, have finally been persuaded to give up amorous desires.

    Okay… I just watched it and I promise you I will NEVER HAVE SEX AGAIN IN MY LIFE #BrandNewCherryFlavor

    Twitter: @Br00kkiieee

    8. So many were lured into this trap by TikTok.

    Wtf is tik tok showing me?? Search for "brand new cherry flavour" on Netflix and go to episode 4 35minute

    Twitter: @ericbongoe

    9. Toothpaste ain't gonna cut it — maybe try for a new pair of eyes?

    me after watching THAT part of episode 4 of brand new cherry flavour 🤢

    Twitter: @faye_orr

    10. Some Rosa Salazar fan is just happy that finally this show is getting the recognition that it deserves (thanks to that scene).

    It took months!! But we finally see #BrandNewCherryFlavor trending on Netflix. Way to go #RosaSalizar 💙💙💙

    Twitter: @Ripteyed Netflix

    11. Some are looking for some deep hidden meaning in that scene.

    Guys pls go on Netflix, type Brand new Cherry flavour. Go on episode 4, 35:00, and then come back and explain that sex scene to me 😔

    Twitter: @kiingbophela

    12. Even the name of the episode gives me the creeps.

    Y'all. Go to Netflix, choose a show called Brand New Cherry Flavour. Episode 4 (Tadpole Smoothie) Minute 35 to 36:40 Tell me what you see because.....

    Via Twitter: @Miss_Patriciah

    13. Someone paid real money just to get mentally scarred.

    I didn’t realise Netflix would charge me straight away so I ended up accidentally paying £7 to watch a 30 second scene of some guy fingering an open wound on brand new cherry flavour I hate this

    Twitter: @emmy_core

    14. Finally someone who saw that scene with their eyes closed. Just like I used to watch horror movies as a child...and as an adult.

    I've watched that Brand new cherry flavour, episode 4 minute 35 and I still can't see anything wrong with it.

    Twitter: @otienofw

    15. Heed their advice. Learn from their mistakes.

    You know what, if anyone tells you to watch that new Netflix show “brand new cherry flavour” and skip to episode 4 at 35 minutes. Please, I beg you, don’t. Really can’t stress that enough, just don’t.

    Twitter: @apata_tolani

    16. Ahh! The smart approach. Asking others to cross the river to see if a crocodile attacks or not.

    I was told to watch a particular sex scene on Netflix and I’m too scared. Would anyone else like to watch it and report back? Brand New Cherry Flavour - Episode 4 The scene begins at the 35 min mark

    Twitter: @StephiHill

    17. She probably thinks that giving the context might make it interesting.

    Want to see the most messed up sex scene?🤦🏽‍♀️ Go to Netflix, search for Brand New Cherry Flavour, go to episode 4, fast forward 35mins in😭 You can also watch from 29:08 for context 😭😭

    Twitter: @Giftama_

    18. People are invoking holy stuff to beseech people not to watch this demonic sex.

    for the love of all that is holy NEVER and i mean never watch brand new cherry flavour wtf is wrong with episode 4

    Twitter: @dungeonsynthh

    19. And finally, I think that misguiding others into falling into this pit should be a punishable offense by now.

    *STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING...if you have a Netflix account..go search for brand new cherry flavour. Episode 4 at the 35th minute mark*

    Twitter: @Kiprop728