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    The Five Best Hiding Spots At Work

    Whether it's because you humiliated yourself during a meeting or simply cannot stand your coworker's whistling nose breathing for one more second, sometimes, hiding from plain sight is our best option in the workplace. Here are the five best places to lie low from 9-5:

    1. Behind the Blinds

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    Make sure the blinds are all the way down. You don't want your bottom half giving you away!

    2. The UPS Truck

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    When a colleague is signing for a package and has the door propped open, make a bolt for it.

    3. The Bathroom

    Opt for one on a high floor. You'll be less likely to be found and maybe catch some fresh gossip!

    4. Inside the Vending Machine

    No need to bring in lunch today!

    5. Under the Conference Table

    Hide while remaining a team player.

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