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How Your Overall Work Experience Can Get Enhanced With A Remote Life Program?

We have all seen many changes happened in the modern day lifestyle, both in personal and professional scenarios.

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We have all seen many changes happened in the modern day lifestyle, both in personal and professional scenarios. If we look at the professional field for such a change, working holiday is the new talk of the town. It's a new trend of working while traveling abroad, something worth to be experienced.

The interexchange of the trip and work is a sure shot formula to increase one’s working capacity, the quality of life, de-stress technique, and a new perspective to look at the world and work. Travel and work program is formulated to know about the lifestyle, culture, cuisine and of course the mindset of amazing native people of that place.

The program provides following features:

Workplace: It will get assigned including with the apartment, high-speed internet facility with 24/7 access.

Accommodation: A private room will get booked in a comfortable apartment, at the request of the guest. One can look for shared rooms as well as it's an added option. It will get affordable compared to the own private room. The breakfast will get served on time.

Experience: With the surrounding of 30 amazing people one will have a lifetime experience of local community events, community functions and dining out together. Professional workshops can be an extra advantage to get experienced.

Travel: To have a local communication option (SIM) is a very exciting and soothing feature to be connected with your loved ones while traveling abroad. The Remote Life travel and work program provide this facility to sort such an issue of thoughts. If an individual is going for more than one month, it includes the flight expenses off to and from the journey to respective native countries with pick and drops to the airport.

The Itinerary includes South East Asia and preferably three countries, namely Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Indonesia (Bali):

You will work and enjoy with serene natural beauty, yoga festivals, rice paddies, waterfalls and enchanting temples. Monkey forests will add extra charm to your job travel program in Indonesia.

Cambodia (Siam Reap):

Angkor Archaeological Park is the place where one can have an incredible insight of sunrise. Well-preserved ancient temples of Siam Reap will motivate you to work peacefully without feeling the jet lags.

Thailand (Koh Lanta):

How about the idea of working on the beach? If it excites you, Koh Lanta is a right beautiful uncrowded island for you. You can experience the scuba diving also. Here, you can enjoy a pleasant sunset after your work.

How to apply for Travel and Work program?

First, sign up on the website, then the application form will be sent to the mail ids about the preferences and other personal details. After confirmation, the final decision will reach you within two days. You have to pay in advance the 50% of the total cost to get the application finalized; the spot will be reserved up to 5 days.

Travel Team:

Travel and work program welcome the people from different walks of life with unique professional qualities. After approval from various social profiles, the team personally talks to each member individually to ensure comfortable and perfect knowledge exchange journey.

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