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6 Badass Australian Women Who Will Inspire You To Change The Game In 2017

OK, so 2016 sucked – your childhood heroes died, Brexit happened, Toblerone-gate, and that whole Presidential Election nonsense.

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The good news? At the very least, it’s over now. 2017 is officially the year where you say “No More!” No more accepting the status quo, no more assuming people will wake up to injustice, no more Toblerone-flavoured lies! Here are 6 Aussie women to follow who will inspire you to love yourself and take on the world.

Emily Gulli

1. Nakkiah Lui @nakkiah

Nakkiah is one of 2017’s loudest voices for a ‘woke’ Australia.’ An awarded commentator, playwright, actor and writer for ABC TV’s Black Comedy, Nakkiah is a proud Gamillaroi and Torres Strait Islander woman from Mount Druitt, western Sydney. As a leading critic and Aboriginal activist, young Nakkiah is never scared to confront often-dismissive politicians, journalists, and media heavyweights, and she slays every time. 

2. Sarah Harry @saraheharry

If you’re turning to social media for your New Year’s inspiration, then chances are your Insta-feed is flooded with impossibly perfect fitspo models. But sometimes, looking at a super-skinny fitness fanatic who can afford an organic detox retreat in Byron Bay can make you feel more ‘ugh’ than ‘omm.’ Enter Fat Yoga founder and body image specialist Sarah Harry, a body positive Yogi with a difference. “There isn't just one type of yoga body, and it's a practice that can empower individuals of all size”, says Sarah. Downward dog, upward vibes!

3. Sarah Jane Adams @saramaijewels

Sarah is a Sydney-based jeweller and international Instagram icon who proves age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Starting her Instagram to promote her jewellery business at 58-years young, she received a couple of ‘smart arse’ comments about her age, which only egged her on to post more. Soon, her images were shared by world-famous New York style blog Advanced Style, and Adidas, and the rest is history. Sarah loves her wrinkles, owns no scales, and none of her clothes have sizes on them. “All these things are what give me my sense of freedom and the courage to do crazy sh*t”.

4. Jordan Raskopolous @jordanrasko

Comedian Jordan Raskopolous came out last year as trans in a powerful viral video titled “What’s Happened to Jordan’s Beard?” Posted to social media, the Axis of Awesome frontwoman announced, “The truth of the matter is that there is a very good reason I got rid of my beard… that reason is that I am transgender.” Since coming out, Jordan has continued her awesome brand of musical comedy and begun blogging about transgender issues on her website and has interviewed TV star Jeffrey Tambor, who plays a trans woman in the critically acclaimed ‘dramedy’ series Transparent.

5. Yassmin Abdel-Magied @yasmin_a

Yassmin is one of those people whose list of accomplishments makes you feel like you’ve spent your life on the couch eating Twisties. An accomplished mechanical engineer, social activist, author, and Young Australian of the Year, when she’s not hosting a TED Talk or hanging around Formula One pits around the world, Yassmin can be found smashing Muslim stereotypes. "At the end of the day I care about being useful to society," says Yassmin. Mission Accomplished, and then some!

6. Amrita Hepi @amrita_moves

Amrita is a dancer, choreographer, activist and TEDx presenter who wants you to ‘dance your shame away.’ A Bundjulung and Ngapuhi woman, Amrita empowers young people around Australia to express themselves and reconnect with their bodies: “At the beginning of a class, I'll often say, "I give you permission to touch your body." And people totally freak out. It's like we need permission to be explorative, aggressive, submissive or confident.” Take one of the Holla Back Rihanna or Beyoncé choreography classes and Work it out for yourself.

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