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People Ate Geoduck Clam For The First Time And Didn't Exactly Love It

It looks like a penis, but it's a shellfish.

If you're unfamiliar with a geoduck clam, it's the largest burrowing clam in the world.

Watch these people try eating the geoduck for the very first time!

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When Kuwilileni, Fernando, and Jordan found themselves in Seattle, they knew they had to try them!

First, Gerry plucked the clam into boiling water before dipping it into iced water so he would be able to easily peel off the outer skin.

The belly and the siphon of the geoduck clam was then cut sashimi style into thin, raw slices.

First up to taste the geoduck clams was Fernando, who liked the consistency a lot better than clams or oysters.

Next up was Jordan, who thought it tasted like tender sushi that was fishy, but not too fishy.

Then it was Kuwilileni's turn to try the geoduck clams and, although she thought they were really good, they were not exactly her jam.

It's all about trying new things though, right?